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J-3 Laser Cut Kit 1180mm w/Glazing and Cowl (KIT) V2

J-3 Laser Cut Kit 1180mm w/Glazing and Cowl (KIT) V2


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This J-3 is an easy build and a great starting point for a relatively new pilot looking for their first traditional kit.


Traditional builders of kits will appreciate this semi-scale Cub with full four channel control. Cheap to get in the air and fun to build, this J-3 is a great size model with most of the hard work already done for you.


Wingspan: 1180mm
Length: 780mm
Flying Weight: 600g
Radio: 4 Channel


Glazing and Vac-Formed Cowl
Landing gear
Easy to follow instructions included


Your Own 4 Channel TX & RX
4 x 9g Servo
2200mAh 3s Lipoly Battery
2826 Brushless Motor 
20A ESC w/BEC 
Covering film


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Still going well in the build.... Wing Dihedral is a bit of an unknown, but all going together nicely! I've made available my 3D printed cowl for the model. Worth checking out Thingiverse for a more up to date version, but the STL in the files section works fine.
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Nice little kit, but DIRE instructions. The cowl is flimsy though. Laser cutting is superb and so far during the build, accurate. Will try and upload some better instructions. You will need building experience to complete. For the price - you can't grumble. :)
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So I have finished my build and have a few test and tune flights under my belt. The instructions are horrid. Very incomplete. There is enough there to get thru it, if you have put planes together before. Flying the plane has been a whole other story. It's not very stable and for a top wing plane, a lot of work to fly! be sure and get your motor mounts correct and the thrust angle as well. Bottom line is for 36 bucks (USD) I really don't think you can go wrong.
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Preface: this is my first experience with a low cost Chinese kit, perhaps I've been spoiled by my past builds, both kit and scratch, from which I was working from plans which, while not nessecarily comprehemsive, at least included rudimentary dimensions.

I bought this kit as a project for my son and me to build together to get him interested in the hobby. While I find the overall quality to be reasonable - the wood is decent and the laser cutting, with the exception of a few misalignments that required a little time with a knife, is actually quite good - the instructions, what there are of them, are nothing short of abysmal.

There are no dimensions given whatsoever, the parts list, even with a magnifying glass, is barely discernible, and the few assembly photos provided are of such poor quality that they are only useful as the vaguest of guides. Honestly, I've seen better instruction manuals in Kinder Eggs. These make IKEA instructions look like Top Flite manuals by comparison.

If I didnt have a number of builds under my belt already I would have been completely lost. There is a lot of pre-assembly measuring of parts required if you want to get everything even close to the right location.

That said, if you're confident in building a kit by the seat of your pants then you'll be fine, just be prepared to measure absolutely every piece before starting the layup. If this is your first build you might want to look elsewhere.
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