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Jeti SPIN Opto 200A 6-14Cell

Jeti SPIN Opto 200A 6-14Cell

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Jeti SPIN Opto 200A 6-14Cell

2-1/2"x4-11/16"x1-1/16", weighs 270 grams (9-1/2 oz.), 24-40 NiMH/NiCd, 6-14 Li-Poly, 18-59V. Two sets of 4mm input cables (2 positive and 2 negative cables), 4mm output cables. Due to the high voltage the SPIN200 has an ancillary circuit that prevents sparking when the controller is being connected to the flight batteries. The negative poles of the flight pack must be plugged to the two 4mm black wires first, then the thin (1.5mm) red wire must be plugged into the positive side of the flight pack. Only then can the two 4mm red wires be plugged into the flight pack. The controller has two 2-1/2"x2-1/2"x3/16" heat sinks and four standoff mounts to allow free airflow around all sides of the unit. No connectors are included.

Dimensions:   63 x 120 x 27 mm
Weight:   270 g
Nominal current :  200 A 
Quiescent current:  
1,4 mA
Accu NiXX / LiXX:   24-40 / 6-14
Operating voltage:  18-59V
Resistance in conducting state:   2x0,75 mÙ
Number of power transistors:   30
Cable cross - section (input / output:   2x4/4 mm2
Input capacitance:   2x820 ìF

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