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Arm Guard/Bracer (Adult) Camo 7.5"

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Arm Guard/Bracer (Adult) Camo 7.5"

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An arm guard is an essential piece of kit for any archer, whether you shoot indoors, outdoors, traditional or contemporary style, you'll need one of these to avoid "string rash".

For those new to archery, "string rash" is the result of having the bow string scrape the delicate skin on the inside of the forearm when releasing an arrow. As well as causing the arrow to shoot erratically, getting a 120mph slap from the string is likely to cause an emotional outburst and bring a tear to your eye!

• Camo color scheme
• Quick release buckles
• Easy adjustment
• Suitable for right of left handed archers

Length: 7.5"
Material: Nylon

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