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K2 kv/rpm Meter with Motor Speed Adjustment

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K2 kv/rpm Meter with Motor Speed Adjustment

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This kv/rpm meter has some unique features, including a potentiometer meaning you don't need a radio or servo adjuster to control and set motor speed. There is also a unique feature that allows you to test 1s~12s powered brushless motors, so there is almost no limit to the motor size this great little tool can handle. The K2 has a max reading function which is handy for recalling data & comes with a lead complete with croc clips so no soldering is required, an indispensable tool for hobbyists using electric power.

Screen: LCD
Working Temp: -20C ~ 50C
Weight: 21g
Dimensions: 33mm x 69mm x 11mm
Working Voltage Range: 5.5v~42v 
Measuring Voltage: 0v~42v

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Roman | Verified Buyer

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Хорошее изделие

Feb 02, 2017

Купил, исходя из написанных отзывов. Маленький прибор, видно хорошо, обороты большими цифрами, кВ маленькими. Не понравилась очень хлипкая ручка установки оборотов, короткие провода , а так устройство очень точное. Непонятен алгоритм измерения полюсов магнитов, что на 2-х полюсном моторе, что на 4-х полюсном нужно ставить 2 полюса. Точность, относительно других приборов максимальная. примерно 0.1-1% отклонение. Плохо, что измерение нужно проводить только на максимальных 100%газа, иначе показывает неверно и обороты и кВ соответственно.

plmcc01 | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Jul 23, 2013

It took me a while to figure out how to use this device. I was especially confused with the requirement that I enter in the "number of magnet pairs". This is because my test motor has six magnets but 9 poles. But, after experimenting with my laser tachometer, I was able to figure out that the magnet count is what matters and the value that I need to enter is the total number of magnets divided by 2, hence the term "pairs".

So, after "playing around" with this device using my test setup and my tachometer, I've discovered that this device is extremely accurate. As an example, this device gave 30,848 max rpm and my laser tach gave 30,867. That's a deviation of around 0.06 percent. Note that I didn't write "6.0" percent, I wrote "0.06" percent. I found the same kind of accuracy for KVM as well. This device has now become a very valuable addition to my hobby toolbox!

gastolectric | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Apr 05, 2012

Apologies to AEO for earlier review - seems it pays to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!

I had not set the requisite number of magnet pairs for the motors so the default setting of 6 pairs (12 magnets) accounts for the error in RPM and researching on the rc forums revealed that correct Kv is determined only at 100pcnt throttle.

Having set the correct magnet pair counts for each motor - the RPM is spot on with the laser and whether I use a 3S, 4S or 6S I get the same Kv value at 100pcnt throttle and guess what - they correlate with the motor specs..

Again, my apologies but i limit to 4 stars for the short cable and wandering pot..

Enjoy, it does the job and remember the hold feature which is handy for keeping post-experiment notes.

Oh, and another tip from the forums you can also use the potentiometer to check servo operation by plugging a servo into the esc port :)

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