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Kim 210 FPV Racing Drone (Frame Kit)

Kim 210 FPV Racing Drone (Frame Kit)


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Kim 210 FPV Racing Drone (Frame Kit)

The Kim 210 is a lightweight frame for drone racing. It comes complete with a carbon fiber, lower (3mm) and upper (1.5mm), one piece decks with plastic spacers. It is designed to go fast and fits up to 5” propellers.

There is plenty of space between the decks for all your electronics. The FPV camera fits into a carbon fiber mount that is angled at 25 degrees to ensure you can see where you’re going at high speeds. The video Tx aerial has a mounting hole at the back of the upper deck so it can’t get hit by the propellers.

Just fit it out with your favorite gear and get racing.

• Tough carbon fiber construction
• 3mm carbon fiber billet for lower deck and arms
• Quality design
• Built-in 25 degree FPV camera mount

Wheelbase: 210mm
Construction materials: Carbon Fiber
Weight: 105g

Kim 210 Frame Kit

4 x 1806/1808/2204/2205/2206 Motors
4 x 10~30A ESCs
1 x Flight Controller: Naze32 / F3
1 x Power Distribution Board
1 x 1300~1800mah 11.1~14.8V (3~4S Lipoly) Battery
4 x 5” Propellers (CW/CCW)
5~6 channel radio and receiver
FPV gear (optional)


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I bought this frame and I have to say it is one of the strongest frames. I am still learning to fly the drone and I have had multiple crashes on this from but it is still intact. Some of my crashes were bad, it ripped off my battery and changed its shape and another one made all my motors stop but nothing happened to the frame!! I just replaced its plastic/nylon standoffs with 35mm metal ones to make it even more strong and it works good. Just one piece of advice if you buy this frame , then you need to order the smaller hardware possible as there is less space to fit. My R10D does not fit in it. I will place some images of my Kim210 Frame later with file name starting with "Au" in the files tab.
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verified_user Quality
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Arrived from SG to Moscow in just 8 days.
The frame is lightweight, 93g if replace nylon standoffs with alumnium it's 98g. I'll try it with nylon first to see how it survives crashes, just replaced screws with longer 16mm, so weight is 97g now. 5 inch props fit well, going to use new 3 blade bn kingkongs with 2206 2300kv motors. Waiting for other components to arrive.

Отличная рама. Буду переносить на нее детали с змрки, пятидюймовые винты подходят.

<a href='' target=_blank>Kim</a>

<a href='' target=_blank>Kim 210</a>
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verified_user Quality
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Good frame, the carbon looks nice quality.
Very nice weight balance and good looking frame for racing.
Using it with 2205 2350kv motors with dys xm 20A ESC. Good for intermediate racing but camera support holes are strange. it might be hard to change camera angle.

Missing in Eu warehouse and missing 4mm version of bottom plate
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Kim 210 download now [1950kb]
Kim 210 download now [2712kb]
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