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Immersion RC LapRF Personal Race Timing System

Immersion RC LapRF Personal Race Timing System

228 g

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Looking for the perfect accessory to time your laps and help you improve your speeds? then look no further than the LapRF from ImmersionRC. Designed for solo FPV users for the best results, but with multiple users mode also available, this is the high-tech, inclusive piece of kit.

it doesn’t get much easier. Power on the LapRF, drop it in the start/finish gate,
select its ID in the free Android/iOS app, select the number of pilots, and video channels used, and start racing.

The LapRF will run all day, measuring lap times and speaking the results. There is no better tool to allow pilots to measure their performance, and work to improve it The lapRF uses the Radio Frequency energy emitted by the Video Transmitter on the model to detect its presence within the race gate.

The current generation of racing drones have two things in common, they all use 5.8GHz video downlinks, and they all need to be on different channels to race together. This is all that the lapRF system needs to precisely time events. No RFID transponders, no Infra-Red transponders, no complex installations. Just place the lapRF system in the start/finish gate, and start racing.

The LapRF Personal Timing System includes a bluetooth module which can quickly link an iOS or Android device to the gate. Enter pilot names, start the race, and the lap times will be spoken along with the pilot’s name. All lap times will be shown in a table, along with average, and best lap times.

Any loss of Bluetooth connection will not result in loss of lap times. When Bluetooth is reconnected, all missed lap times will be transferred to the app. The LapRF Personal Timer was designed to be used by one pilot, that is where it is the most precise. But if you want to invite a few friends along for a quick race around the park, we support that too, out of the box.

No need to figure out how to interface your mates timers together, or run multiple apps, just share yours. 

Instead of using a standard receiver module in the timing system, ImmersionRC’s hardware engineering team designed a custom module, which can be calibrated on-the-fly to adapt to the different power levels found in races. Sensitive enough to detect passing quads, but selective enough to ignore adjacent channel interference. Heavily filtered to ignore off-band interference common at race events.

To top it all off, immersion have designed custom antennas with gate-shaped beams which let you precisely define the detection area of the timing system (something that competitive units sorely lack). These antennas are designed for RHCP/LHCP, and Linear polarization, covering everything that will be seen at a race event.

Key Features:
• Allows you to track your lap times accurately
• Extremely user friendly
• Multiple user ready but for best results, use only one pilot
• No RFID transponders, no Infra-Red transponders, no complex installations
• Bluetooth link to phones and tablets
• Integrated 2600mAh Battery

Frequency: 5.3-6.0GHz
Programmable Attenuation: 0-32dB
Threshold: Programmable to fine tune (but not normally required)
Antenna: Custom linearly polarized (Suitable for LHCP, RHCP, Linear use)
Channels: Arbitrary (defined by connected app.)
Pilots: 1-8, depending upon required precision and gate speed
Dimensions: L =100mm, W = 100mm, H = 25mm
Weight: 121g
Battery: 18650, 2600mAh, 3.7V nominal
Consumption: 300mA @ 3.7V
Bluetooth: BLE, Bluetooth Smart
Antenna: Internal CE-compliant, or external dipole for extra range (up to 50m)
App Support: iOS and Android
Compatibility: iOS devices require BLE, iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3rd Gen or later
Ports: Bluetooth Wireless, and USB Wired
Protocol: LapRF Comms Protocol
PC Software: LiveTime scoring engine (Beta 2.8.1, Available)


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Tried with 2 players so far and performs very well,
never misses a pass, easy to place.
the app does requires you activate positioning in order to peer with the device,
which is strange.
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