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Matek Micro BEC 5V/12V-ADJ

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Matek Micro BEC 5V/12V-ADJ


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Matek Micro BEC 5V/12V-Adj

A Highly efficient synchronous rectified step-down switch mode converter. It offers a very compact solution to achieve 1.5A continuous output current over a wide input supply voltage (7 to 21V).

• High-Efficiency Synchronous Mode
• Wide 7V to 21V Input range
• Voltage output can be 5V or 12V adjustable. (default is 5V)
• OCP Protection and Hiccup
• Thermal Shutdown
• Output Short-circuit tolerant (5 sec/minute)

Continuous load current: 1.5A (Max2.5A 5sec)
Vout: 5V or 12V (default 5V)
Vout Load Regulation: 2%
Max Duty Cycle: 95%
Output Ripple: 20mV (Vin=16V, Vout=12V@1.5A)
                          40mV (Vin=16V, Vout=5V@1.5A)
Pins distance: 2.54mm
Size: 17x11x3mm
Weight: 1g

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Alexander | Verified Buyer

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall

good BEC for small planes

Apr 26, 2018

i use it for my LED-lightning on wings etc.
wide voltage-range makes it easy to use on nearly every model
when you need some extra power

Oliver | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
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  • Value

Highly Recomend

Nov 23, 2016

This is a great little board. I did some tests and got 83% efficiency from a 3s lipo to a 70mA load at 5V. Output voltage is 4.97V measured with my cheap multimeter.

Philipp | Verified Buyer

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  • Value
  • Quality

Adjustable to 6V output!

Nov 02, 2016

This is an efficient and tiny BEC. It is quite powerful: It works even for servos which have heavy current transients. It is possible to connect two of these BEC in parallel to have more current (This is still smaller than other BECs. However I'm quite sure it is not designed for this, but it works :-) .
The solder pad on the back side is used to switch the output voltage from 5V to 12V.
In order to adjust 6V output voltage, a 22k SMD-0603 resistor can be mounted on this solder pad.

Silvio | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Jul 06, 2016

I like it very much. It's so small and lightweight. I do use it to power my FPV cam which is 5V because the power from my video transmitter is 12V. The default output is 5V but there is a solder-jumper to put out 12V if you need it. I can't await the restock of this item. It's wonderful!

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