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Cessna 182 light aircraft 775mm EPO Plug-&-Fly

Cessna 182 light aircraft 775mm ...

Mini Brushless powered 182 light aircraft EPO R/C plane (ARF)
This Almost Ready to Fly kit will take you around 10-15 minutes to complete. It comes with a 15A speed controller and 2100kv brushless motor.
The 182 ...

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Mini Brushless powered 182 light aircraft EPO R/C plane (ARF)
This Almost Ready to Fly kit will take you around 10-15 minutes to complete. It comes with a 15A speed controller and 2100kv brushless motor.
The 182 is made from EPO foam and is a great parkflyer. It will absorb crashes and bumps without sustaining any real damage.
It's small size means its easy to cary just about anywhere and it's easy flying characteristics plus flexible and forgiving EPO construction make it a stress free trainer for almost anyone.
Length: 600mm
WingSpan: 775mm
Wing Loading: 25g
Main Wing area:
Prop: 6x4
Weight: 300g w/ battery
Motor: Brushless motor 2100kv 
ESC: 15A
Battery: 7.4v 850mAh 2S1P
Servos: 8g x 3

Tx/Rx (4ch minimum)
7.4v 850mah 2S1P Lipo Battery

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had to re-shape and brace the elevator so it could function. All push-rods and wires under-spec and buckle, had to add eyelets to fix. Motor dead out of the box, swapped esc. still dead. not supported in box in transit - arrived with rudder badly bent. Nut to accept wing bolt missing will have to replace bolt and nut as well as fixing new nut into the plastic cradle. Been working on it all day and not a chance of flying today ( now after 6pm). Nothing like 10 minutes advertised. Pretty disappointed. Will request an entire new model to replace it. One that's been carefully inspected for quality and completion.
wrong battery plug for 7.4v
Nice little plane ......well it is now i have sorted the ailerons out as one was binding and the servo was so far off center that the control wires were digging into the fus i had to dig the servo out and center it . and watch the elevator if it moves to far up it will hit the fus and your surfaces come out of alignment......other than that Add a good dose of expo ...and it flies very well ...
This plane flies very niceley,tho it does stall badly...but not easily,you can fly it very slowly before it stalls,i can only recommend this plane to beginners.
One issue is that the spar between the two elevator panels is very weak and breaks easily tho this can be fixed with a toothpick or something like that.
The plane is fun to fly,and is not to expensive. I love it!
Waste of your money! Missing several parts (which i was refunded $7 for) came with an xt-60 connector for JST batteries, every G D screw in the motor mount was cross threaded (the screws that hold the motor to the mount), gear assembled backwards, screws for the motor mount (mount to plane) stripped out leading to reverse thrust angle, rudder has absolutely no support and just bends sideways. COMPLETE TRASH! Worst plane ever! And I love flying the cessna on MS Flight Sim but this piece of trash as the first non-scratch built plane I've ever purchased has made me seriously question ever buying another aircraft EVER AGAIN! I had to wait for nearly a month before I could fly it as the ticket was reviewed and now that I got to fly it I wish I had sent it back for a full refund. DON'T WASTE YOU DAM MONEY! RUN AWAY FROM THIS PAGE NOW!
super Flugzeug ich bin rundum zufrieden
Is this true? My cessna have a landing gear but no wheels! Are wheels a special add on? You ship me the wheels or must i buy this separately? My order nr 20013582991 Thanks for info!
The Air-frame I got cannot physically fly. The first issue I had was the flex in the aileron control rods. They are designed to be flexible but at the points the leave the outer sheath there was to much flex. The major issue I had was on up elevator the elevators hit the tail and force was capable of ripping the horizontal stabilizers off. I cut as much as off the air-frame above the elevators as I could but it wasn't enough. On maiden up elevator caused the stabilizers to rip off end result shattered nose cone, broken prop and tore motor off.
When the package arrived the following items where missing: tailwing, clevises

In my humble opinion: this model is poorly engineered:
- Push-rod aileron requires extensive modifications like foam cutting, gluing, etc.
- The servos are too close together, the servo arms collide, need to be clipped
- The battery hatch is too small, needs to be expanded to fit batteries
- Wheel covers friction with the wheels

Long story short: if you look for a plane that works out of the box / in 30 mins this is not the right choice (besides the fact that parts were missing). If you are ok to re-engineer, make modifications, and use some of your own parts this may be ok for you.
Once built and operational, it is impossible to fly it without a smile on your face.
You might experience bending in the control lines of the aileron; which reduces travel on the control surface but this can be resolved by gluing a plastic strip over the point where the control wire bends...I used a piece cut from a cable tie.
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