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Mini CC3D Revolution 32bit F4 Based Flight Controller

Mini CC3D Revolution 32bit F4 Based Flight Controller


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This nano 32 bit flight controller is the latest autopilot using the STM32F4 series, 210MIPS ARM Micro-controller. The STM32F4 controller contains a hardware floating point unit (FPU), which is a huge advancement for hobby-class autopilots.

The FPU allows precise, low-latency processing of real-life measurements using advanced attitude estimation algorithms. It is a full 10DOF with gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and pressure sensors. 

The Revo has a fantastic range of functions to manage all of your flight parameters. It is a state of the art flight control computer with autopilot.  Intended for use with multirotors, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft in fact in any RC application where stability and navigational systems are required. 

• STM32 F4 Micro controller
• Invensense MPU-6000 Gyro/Accel
• MS5611 baro
• HMC5883 M Digital Compass
• Main port
• Flexi Port (serial or I2C port)
• Rc input port
• Pwm output port
• Comes with Case 

Case:30 x 23  x 9mm.
Weight: 5g (includes case) 



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This is an excellent alternate miniaturization of the powerful CC3D Revo board. Apart from forgoing the integral OPLink telemetry modem, the RevoMini retains all the former's sensors and electronics. It also performs up to the standard Revo's standards in most flight modes.

One question is how this mini compares against the RevoNano, which is endorsed by the official OpenPilot developers, but also rare in the market.
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verified_user Quality
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Looks like a good board to me. Soldering quality is good (for being lead free) and the components are well centered.
I loaded Betaflight 3.0.0 (board REVO) from the betaflight configurator 1.8.3 and it works but you have to put the board in DFU mode. First time you have to connect pin 64 to pin 60 using a pair of tweezers under a microscope and let someone else plug in the usb cable in the PC, then start betaflight configurator and flash with everything enabled except the manual baudrate.
If you want to flash again you just go into CLI and type "dfu" and then you can flash it again. No need to connect 60 and 64 again.
Betaflight configurator 1.8.3 has a problem to connect again after reboot so you have to restart the configurator and manually connect.
I have at this point not yet flown with this board, and I'm busy so it will probably be no flying for at least a week or two. But so far everything works including magnetometer and barometer.
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Easy to install and setup. All cables were included what I needed. Compact size, great performance.
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