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Mini Swift R/C EPO Glider (PNF)

Mini Swift R/C EPO Glider (PNF)

Made with EPO, this small glider is both agile and very resliant to crashes. A great hotliner style glider with an 800mAh 2S pack, or bungy high-start/tow model with a 350mAh pack.
The Mini-swift is great fun slope soaring or just ...

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Made with EPO, this small glider is both agile and very resliant to crashes. A great hotliner style glider with an 800mAh 2S pack, or bungy high-start/tow model with a 350mAh pack.
The Mini-swift is great fun slope soaring or just racing around your local park.
Because it's plug-n-fly ready you only need to include your own receiver and battery to be flight-ready!

Wingspan: 610mmLength: 485mm
Motor: Brushless outrunner
Prop: 5.1x3.1
Servo: 2x3.7g, 1x8g 
Battery: 7.4V 2S 350 ~800mah 20C (Not Included)
2S 7.4V 350-800mAh LiPoly Battery
4 Channel Transmitter and Receiver


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Awesome airplane! I bought one a few years back when I was just starting out in this hobby and never got it airborn as I didn't know anything about CG. Just got another one and it works really well. I have the cg at 1/3 of the wing from the leading edge and it's perfect. I have a 500 mah 2s 20c lipo in the nose, and I glued a small metal button to the tail to balance it out.
The airplane flies quite well and has a good glide slope, but it does tip stall. If you cut the motor, go too slow and bank it will dive a little but you can recover with a little throttle. I recommend keeping the motor on and maintaining some speed to avoid this. The epo is nice and tough. I've come in for a few rough landings and it had even cartwheeled a few times but not a scratch. After hitting the nose a few times the props start touching the foam so I have trimmed it back about 2 mm and it works well again.
I would recommend this airplane to a beginner as long as an experienced flyer is around.
Very Poor value for money since they removed the crash kit containing a spare body, wing, and tail, which used to be included a "short" while ago, but without notice the spares were removed but at the same price as before! very dishonest! Am awaiting them to respond to my RMA. Very sad to see this as I had already spent a lot of money buying other spares (props, Lipros, etc) and upgrade components such as the recommended motors and ESCs... and several thousand dollars on other projects. Well won't be doing that again with HK!
Great little plane for throwing in the back of the car, flying anywhere, and landing anywhere. 500mah battery will keep it in the air for about 20mins. Brilliant at slope soaring if the wind in stable, otherwise on a windy day will get tossed around too much. A little nose heavy so i needed to glue a metal washer on the tail. Does tend to stall if you pull up too quickly or do too tight a turn without enough speed. Quite difficult to fly so not for a beginner. Although, it is very crash resistant. Would highly recommend overall.
Bad Quality!

Leider hat unser Modell folgende Mngel:

Servo fr das Seitenruder defekt, aus dem Rumpf musste ich Material entfernen, damit die Tragflche eingesteckt werden kann und der Servo fr das Querruder passt. Der Spinner ist aus hauchdnnem Plastik, unrund und schleift am Rumpf, hier musste ich mit einem Skalpell ebenfalls Material wegnehmen. Der Klapp-Propeller ist sehr dnn und legt sich nicht richtig an. Eigentlich Grnde fr eine Rcksendung, aber mein Sohn wollte unbedingt damit fliegen...

Das Modell hat keine guten Gleiteigenschaften, von "Segler" kann kaum gesprochen werden. Es ist keinesfalls fr Anfnger geeignet.
This plane is really well made, however the foam was not as durable

I am a beginner pilot, and i tried flying this plane in a football field, as a beginner, this plane was really fast, and like its name, the plane was really swift :D, had 3 great flights with it, but then accidentally did a nose dive, and the prop was stuck to the foam, had to replace prop, but still its a great product

Btw this plane looks really good, would really recommend it, for intermediate pilots though, not for a beginner like me
Zum ben ist er nicht schlecht. Wird aber sehr schnell langweilig, da der Motor zu langsam ist. Ich wrde ihn nicht mehr kaufen.
Over all I am really happy with it. Motor doesn't quite have enough down angle. Other than that I am really happy with it. Bought a wing cam and used the swift to test it out. (didn't reset the datestamp)
\This is a very surprising plane, its 2x faster than you would think... and just a blast to fly. I would not recommend it for your first plane... but it would be great for your second. It was quite easy to put together; however I found the wires from the ESC to the receiver to be a bit short and lengthened them. I also rerouted the wires from the rudder and elevator servos to come in through the same hole as the aileron servo wires. This allowed an 800 mAH lipo battery to fit perfectly into the plane and slide back in the cockpit to have a perfect CG. Battery I used: "Turnigy 800mAh 2S 20C Long Lipo" PRODUCT ID: T800L.2S.20
I've had my mini swift for about 12 months, fantastic, great to fly and tough as nails. Spares are a problem in Australia they are not available locally and while they are cheap out of the global warehouse the postage means that is more practical to buy a second one out of the Australia warehouse to use as spares. After bending the shaft on the original motor I purchased a replacement from HK which was different to the original and no where near as good, ended up fitting a C10 and Turnigy ESC, looks a bit ugly as the motor is longer but what a rocket. Not for the beginner but an intermediate pilot with a small to medium area to fly in will have a ball.
Well the 950mh battery worked well. And the plane flies very well. Have crash it hard over twenty times trying to learn. The 6ch hobbyking tx and rx work great and all fits good. Needed cable as controls needed reversing which is why I had lots of crashes starting out. Bit of epox glue and masking tape and off agian.makes ideal begginer plane. Easy to throw up which is all for good take off. Not much wind and all controls except throttle to 50pcnt have made it easy. Throttling off and letting it glide down instead of wing control is best.
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