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Mitsubishi Zero Composite w/Retracts 0.46 Glow 1360mm (ARF)

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Mitsubishi Zero Composite w/Retracts 0.46 Glow 1360mm (ARF)


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In the early days of the Pacific War, the Zero was the most outstanding and feared fighter of the conflict, it's light construction gave the Zero good speed and outstanding maneuverability, particularly at low altitudes, combine this with it's impressive firepower and you have arguably the best dogfighter of WW2.

This Zero features a tough composite fuselage complete with panel lines, rivets, etc, the 1pc removable wing & horizontal stabilizer are a traditional balsa construction. The model comes with a very comprehensive and nice quality hardware kit which includes the fuel tank, engine mount, servo lock leads, alloy servo horn for the pull/pull rudder and also a pair of mechanical retracts complete with wheel wells and gear door covers.

This Zero is a great club sized warbird, it features a high level of scale detail and really looks the part with it's authentic semi-gloss finish, it even comes with a set of metal exhaust stubs, glassfiber drop-tank and a ply radio mast for that final scale touch, the H-King Zero is a great flying model, as well as being a practical and detailed warbird that doesn't cost the earth!

Tough Composite Fuselage
High level of scale detail
Authentic finish
Comprehensive hardware kit
Tough retracts, ideal for grass strips
Low build cost
Practical size for transportation

Wingspan: 1360mm
Wing Area: 32dm2
Length: 1130mm
Flying Weight: 2800g

Your own 5 Channel TX/RX
0.46 Glow Engine
RX Battery
5 x Standard Servo + 1 x Retract Servo
50mm Spinner


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whiskey29 | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Apr 11, 2013

Call me picky, but I am a little disappointed with the zero. I don't really care about the scale and how close it matches the real bird, but alignment of wings, tail and body matters most to me, as it would makes the bird enjoyable to fly or not. I noticed that the right and left mold of the body differs, and that makes the elevator to have different distances to the wing up to 9mm. The tail section alignment needs a lot of improvements. Sure it's cheap enough, but considering the amount of time to repair what supposed to be fine in the first place and the fact I haven't flown the bird until today, I'd rather pay a little more.

GripTape | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Feb 14, 2013

I just got done with her maden flight and happy with it vary stable platform but very very tail heavy and would not recamend using a 46 the plane is vary heavy so i went with a OS 55 and still had to add led ballist to the nose.So it has a high stall speed so you have to come in HOT

whipper Snapper | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Oct 28, 2012

This is a really nice kit...everything came undamaged all parts were there. Assemble time took about 5 days (given time let things dry etc) Handy it came with plywood engine mount simply drill where marked for the mounts, I used a ASP .52 with a L muffler and small allen key for the needle valve adjustment to pop through the engine cowling... Assembly was actually very good, instructions simply enough follow, if your expericence won't need refer to manuel much. Used a 11*7 Master airscrew tri-prop and metal spinner. 6.0 nimh pack up very front help with c.o.g hence this has a fibre glass body. small seperate pack for retracts(highly recommended). I ended up not using the supplied mechanical ones....Used servoless ones much cleaner job to install, instructions not clear on servo position for mechanical retracts and requires you to cut alot intot he bottom wing for I didnt want that so I used servoless ones...its a really nice clean warbird and excellent finish.

For this model make sure you get your c.o.g correct. its stated in manuel to be 95mm-105mm from leading wing...mines aprox 97mms with some slight down trim on elevators. Recommended even with correct c.o.g you have elevators few clicks down. I find Zeros even park fliers have tendancey to fly up even with right c.o.g it likes a bit down of flight performance. Very scale like p

steve.c | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Sep 06, 2012

this zero is great value forthe money ,ive completed three flights so far and the retracts are holding up fine .

after the first take off it went vertical so needed alot of down trim so it now flies with approx 4mm down trim which leeds me to beleive the tail incidence is wrong but it flies fine like this .

the fusealage is nicely painted but its not fuelproof paint so needs a coat .

mine arrived with a damaged canopy so im waiteing for a replacement,overall im very pleased with it .


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Jul 27, 2012

arrivato con piccola crepa sulla fusoliera ma riparabile. Ottima la finitura di ogni particolare, robusto ed esteticamente bello propozionato.trasformo in elettrico con motore tunigy G46 piu che sufficiente per il peso del modello..Per ora soddisfatto.. bravo Hobby king

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