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MultiWii 328P Flight Controller w/FTDI & DSM2 Comp. Port

MultiWii 328P Flight Controller ...

The MultiWii 328P is a gyro/accelerometer based flight controller that is loaded with features. This version of the MultiWii supports DSM2 compatible satellite receiver functionality. With expandability options and full programmability, ...

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The MultiWii 328P is a gyro/accelerometer based flight controller that is loaded with features. This version of the MultiWii supports DSM2 compatible satellite receiver functionality. With expandability options and full programmability, this device can control just about any type of aircraft. This is the ideal flight controller for your multi-rotor aircraft.

• SMD component design with Atmega328P
• ITG3205 Triple Axis Gyro
• BMA180 Accelerometer
• BMP085 Barometer
• HMC5883L Magnetometer
• Servo output for camera pitch and roll control
• Separate 3.3v regulated power supply for the sensors
• On board logic level converter

Dimensions 50x50x12mm
Mounting: Standard Mk style mounting holes 45mm X 45mm
Weight: 13.9g

Package content:
MultiWii 328p FC x 1

More information can be found on the Multiwii Website.

Note: When flashing the MCU with new firmware please remove any connection from AUX2.


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Absolute garbage.
Never have I seen such abhorrent quality from any multiwii variant than this. I purchased four of these boards, and none of them function.
If you want reliability, stick with flyduino. Stay away from this HK garbage at all costs.
Got 2 of these. One was d.o.a. got a replacement. Good job H.K! Keeps my drones very stable. Lot of tweaking possibilities with Multiwii GUI.
I bought this while ago and it was so complicated setup for a first FC so I bought KK2 few weeks ago I started tinkering and I managed to start flying with it. not bad at all but PITA to setup correctly and I still didn't know if this can work with GPS or not if someone managed to work these with the GPS please share with me what parts did you bought. I can see from my extensive search that multiwii can work a gps but didn't find any information on this board.
Just built my first quad, an acro 250 with this FC at the heart of it.

It doesn't say in the description but this FC does CPPM (though you will have to set this option when you flash the board) so is a good match with the Orange 615X.

It's not the easiest thing to configure, but I have spent the time and now have an Acro that flies as well as any I have seen.

Bare in mind that I only use Acro/Rate mode and have never used the other features.
A very good FC board especially for the price. If you know arduino then this is a very easy board to operate
Very good value for money, one of the cheapest board having magnetometer and baro sensors.
Preflashed with multiwii 2.2. When flashing to higher firmware version using arduino, select board type "Duemilanove or Diecimila" - otherwise you get sync error when flashing.
my first venture into the Multiwii range (previously used a QQSuper) and I can report being pretty impressed, plenty of software support and advice available all over the place, wiring and configuration was pretty straight forward despite seeming daunting at first glance, even though Id never even set up a simple KK2 board before I managed to get this thing in and working pretty quick while the GUI tool is also easy to get to grips with.

IMHO a great board to go for if you want more options than the simple "plug & play" FCs offer/
Good, but need some modifications on the pcb. A V2 will be appreciated!
this board is no bad for its price. I hate arduino codes, still need a i2C to connect a GPS ..go for the NAZE32 if you can.
The MultiWii 328p is a great board for a novice to advanced multirotor builder who wants better flight stability and features. Unfortunately, it lacks the ease of use and quality companion software/configuration that other boards have and makes first time use quite difficult. It's also quite fragile and can easily be bent, broken, shorted, or bricked. Overall though, if you're careful this is a great value and an excellent board for a somewhat experienced multirotor builder because of its excellent stability, customization, and features.

1. Stable control and flight
2. Advanced features for such a cheap board (MAG, ACC, and BAR)
3. Very customizable

1. Extremely difficult to use and tune for a novice
2. No onboard configuration screen
3. Fragile
4. Poor, poor support and configuration software compared to other flight control boards
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MW21 Software ready to use download now [1016kb]
crius bt connection download now [1198kb]
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No File Name download now [1254kb]
Stock firmware download now [458kb]
MultiWii_2_2_hk328p download now [141kb]
MultiWii 2.2 download now [136kb]
MultiWii configuration tool windpows 32 download now [1988kb]
multiwii i2c nav download now [131kb]
MultiWii2.2_OrangeSatReady download now [139kb]
287365642X1068013X38.jpg download now [400kb]
17363755X1237946X51.pdf download now [1254kb]
No File Name download now [175kb] download now [175kb]
RTF X config SETUP!! download now [175kb]
bes instructions setup sept/2014 download now [175kb]
Full, checked pinout of the board download now [238kb]
Install JRE7 and FTDI Drivers download now [1kb]

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