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NGH GT9 9cc Gas Engine With Rcexl CDI Ignition

NGH GT9 9cc Gas Engine With Rcex...

This is the GT9 9cc (.52cu) Gas engine from NGH. Well suited to .40-.50 glow sized models, this engine offers light weight and fantastic power output for it's size - 0.8hp @ 15,000rpm.

This is a good quality gas engine and comes com...

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essential items and

This is the GT9 9cc (.52cu) Gas engine from NGH. Well suited to .40-.50 glow sized models, this engine offers light weight and fantastic power output for it's size - 0.8hp @ 15,000rpm.

This is a good quality gas engine and comes complete with the reliability of an Rcexl CDI ignition system. Full installation and run-in instructions are also included. The GT9 is not only a great little performer, it looks great too! Featuring a sand cast crank case, contrasting blue anodized head and prop driver.

This package is economical to run in comparison to similar sized glow engines. Get some gas engine economy for your model today!

NOTE: Do not run with less than the manufacturers recommended oil:fuel ratio!

• GT9 engine
• Diaphragm fuel pump
• Muffler
• Spark plug
• Complete CDI ignition system
• Full instruction manual

Engine type: Single cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled
Bore/Stroke: 23.35 x 21.2
Piston displacement: 9.07cc
Max. power: 0.8HP/15,000rpm
Min. idle Rpm: 2200-2600
Practical RPM: 2,600-15,500
Ignition: Rcexl CDI with auto advance
Spark plug: 1/4 x 32 Rcexl
Carburetor: NGH 2 needle 60G integral regulator (external pump included)
Ignition Power DC 4.8-6.0v (Lipoly via a Ubec)
Lubrication oil: 2 cycle Engine Oil API TC / JASO FD or better specs. (Mobil + M2T)
General use fuel: 20:1-25:1
Propellor range: 10x6 to 12x6

Length backplate to propeller boss: 90.7mm
Stand off: 22mm
Mounting: 44mm x 18mm
Height from crank centreline to spark plug tip: 86.6mm
Weight: 545g (including ignition and muffler)


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Sehr schlechte Qualität.Der Vergaser lässt sich nicht für ruhiges Standgas einstellen.Läuft nur im höheren Drehzahlbereich. Keine Kaufempfehlung.Auf E-Mails keine Antwort.
I purchased this engine and found it ran perfectly on the ground but unevenly in the air. Nose up produced a tendency to lean out. Between the external fuel pump and the ignition module there is a lot if stuff to fit into that small 40 size nose of the plane, it can be done but it's tight.
After a few flights the fuel pump failed in a way that caused the carb to flood with fuel.
Taking apart the pump the diagraph inside seemed to have deteriorated from the fuel.
Great engine it's self, it is very well made and when running well produced a lot of smooth power. Pity the carb-fuel pump did not seem to match the quality of the engine.
I also have the NGH17 that comes with a walbro carb and the 17cc has been a great engine, runs perfect all the time even in violent 3D moves. Wish NGH would go with a walbro carb on the 9cc, that would be a killer combination.
First one would jot adjust. It would run on low speed or high speed . It would not transition from high to low or low to high. It just garbbled and died. Ran it without the pump and it made no difference, Used muffler pressure and it still would not adjust.
I sent it back with an RMA and they replaced it.
New one - put it on test stand and will not run - pump is defective - it will not pump gas.
Ran it with a 45 size muffler on muffler pressure and it ran but was like the first one and would not adjust properly.
I have been flying gas and glow since 1951 and am known in my area as the man to adjust your engine.
Mine will not run. cannot set carb. Tried with pump, surges no matter where you set carb low or high end. got it set on low end , high end dies. got it set on high end , low end dies. Surges, bubbles in fuel line. Replumbed tank and new fuel line, still has bubbles. Removed pump and put pressure tap on muffler . runs better, bubbles gone, still surges no matter where you set low or high end. got set and though was ok and it died in air causing crash. Something wrong with carb and pump.
Ottimo rapporto qualit prezzo questo motore di soli 9 cc completo di centralina e marmitta vi da la possibilit di utilizzare il vostro modello con della normale benzina verde molto regolare e di facile carburazione
Questo motore non buono. SCONSIGLIATO. La pompa carburante fa aria. Prodotto di qualit scadente. Nonostante io abbia sostituito la pompa carburante con una pompa Perry, il motore non si riesce a carburare. Diffidare delle recensioni positive. Con i soldi spesi per le modifiche per fare funzionare questo motore (e tutt'ora non funziona) ci comprate un evolution 10 GX2. Motore buttato nell'immondizia.

This engine is not good. NOT RECOMMENDED. The fuel pump does air. Product of poor quality. Although I have replaced the fuel pump with a pump Perry, the engine it is unable to carburetor. Be wary of the positive reviews. With the money spent on the changes to run this engine (and still does not work) you buy a 10 GX2 evolution. Engine thrown in the garbage.
I wish I had not bought this engine. The carburettor is awful, either full power or low power, no mid range. The fuel pump needed an overhaul kit and the pressure nipples replaced with larger ones to pump reliably. The spark plug cap is not a good fit. Avoid this engine. Pay a bit more and buy the Evo 10cc.
This runs great! I used a asp 52 muffler bolts right up and ran the pressure line to the tank. no need to use the fuel pump when set up this way. Runs great and good idol. Great product!!!
this is a really bad engine will not start on idle throttle only on ful and very rich i have lots of petrol engines including evolution 9 cc and the evolution does every thing it says on the box. this is just a jap bodge job thats not worth the metal its printed on it really is this bad
Came well packaged with just a wiff of petrol!! Nicely made and well put together. Not fired up in anger yet as I really need a plane for it. Any suggestions.
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  • NGH GT-9 Gas Engine

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