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NTM Prop Drive 28-26 1350KV / 302W

NTM Prop Drive 28-26 1350KV / 302W

NTM Prop Drive motors are rock-solid performance outrunners with tight windings, quality bearings, correctly rated magnets, balanced stator and flux rings plus they are QC checked at 14 points, from material processing all the way through to final...

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NTM Prop Drive motors are rock-solid performance outrunners with tight windings, quality bearings, correctly rated magnets, balanced stator and flux rings plus they are QC checked at 14 points, from material processing all the way through to final dyno test.
Because we design and build these motors completely in-house (from 3D/2D drawing to materials sourcing, machining, balancing, final assembly and dyno) we can completely control production and ensure product consistency from design right through to shipping the product to you. The removal of middle-men has meant we can drive better value to the market and retail these motors at factory (our) prices! All performance figures are real and tested on our own motor dynos.

Our QC engineers check and balance each motor before shipping to the warehouse.

Model: NTM Prop Drive Series 2826 1350kv
Kv: 1350rpm/v
Poles: 3
Motor Wind: 14T
Max current: 18A
Max Power: 227W @ 11.1V (3S) / 302W @ 15V (4S)
Shaft: 3mm
Weight: 56g
ESC: 25~30A
Cell count: 3s~4s Lipoly
Bolt holes: 16mm & 19mm
Bolt thread: M3
Connection: 3.5mm Bullet-connector

Prop Test Data:
8x3.8 - 11.1V / 158W / 14.2A / 0.736kg thrust
8x3.8 - 14.8V / 310W / 21A / 1.1kg thrust

Note: An accessory pack is available for this motor. Please see the related items below.


Additional Information

  • Blade Count:
  • Speed (Sec/60deg):
  • Torque(kg)(min. 0.01kg)
  • Diameter X(Inch)
  • A(mm):
  • B(mm):
  • C(mm)
  • D(mm)
  • E(mm):
  • F(mm):
  • SKU
  • Weight(g)
  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Height
  • Kv(rpm/v)
  • Max Currents (A):
  • Power (W):
  • Length B (mm)
  • Can Length D(mm)
  • Max Voltage(V):
  • Shaft A(mm):
  • Unit Weight (g)
  • Diameter C(mm)
  • Total Length E(mm):
  • Resistance (mh):

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lots of power for my Flite Test Bloody Barron, and Guinea Pig, have crashed a few times and no bent shaft yet
J' ai acheter ce moteur pour remplacer mon turnigy D2826/10 1400 kv 3s et je suis vraiment trs content de ce moteur.
J' ai tester plusieurs hlices dessus (8x4, 7x6, 7x5, 7x4 APC sport rigide)sur lipo 3s et 4s turnigy nanoteck.
En 3s avec 30amp HK mon avion ailes hautes sportif type "das ugly stick"(envergure 1200 mm) en depron poids 650 g. 4 servos 10g. HK prop 8x4 l' avion s' arrache de mes mains le vol est parfait le moteur NTM n' ajoute pas de poids supplmentaire mais par contre la vitesse en vol est bien suprieur au turnigy D2826/10 1400 kv 3s. Les figures accrobatiques passent trs bien mes impressions sur ce moteurs sont trs bonne et a c' est en 3s 1800 mah 65-130c nanoteck.

En 4s 1800 mah 35-70c nanoteck c' est monstrueux avec prop 8x4 apc le moteur tire 1270 g. exactement, 41A autant dire que mon petit avion de 650 g. est devenue un missile la vitesse est balistique les monter en vertical sont illimite pour moi c' est la radio qui m' empeche de monter plus de 600 m. d' altitude au dela je suis en perte de radio c' est dire le potentiel. La vitesse de passage est de 160 km/H, je rapelle que la base c' est un avion en depron ailes hautes c' est impressionnant comme ce moteur envoie du lourd. Les lipos de 1800 mah ont une autonomie de 17 min en 3s.
J' ai installer ce moteur dans mon avion tous depron de 1200 mm d' envergure et 90 cm de long un esc 30 amp HK hlice 7x6 APC E lipo 3s 65-130c nanoteck turnigy ou 4s 35-70c nanoteck poids 650g. l' avion avec ce combo vol telle une flche en 3s comme en 4s les verticals sont illimite en 4s. Je suis trs trs content de cette achat. La vitesse est trs bonne les figures passe trs bien, mon avion ressemble au " das ugly stick" et ce moteur l' as transform en bombe.
I don't like these motors as only two motors from four motors were fine that I received...... but in quality matters these motors (according to the motors that worked fine) are good! Once I got the replacement for these not working motors, my quad worked fine!
Nice motor. Works perfectly.
I have good experience with NTM engines, they are well balanced and assembled.

I still have to try this 2826, but i think it will be as good as the other i've bought
Excellent pairing with the Bixler2 using an apc 7x4 pusher.
More than enough power to push my Bixler2. Fits "just" into the stock location but fits!
monster engine!!nice accessories!! vry good made esy to install,powerfull engine
Good choice motor for teksumo on 4s
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