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NTM Prop Drive 50-60 270KV / 2400W

NTM Prop Drive 50-60 270KV / 2400W

NTM Prop Drive motors are rock-solid performance outrunners with tight windings, quality bearings, correctly rated magnets, balanced stator and flux rings plus they are QC checked at 14 points, from material processing all the way through to final...

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NTM Prop Drive motors are rock-solid performance outrunners with tight windings, quality bearings, correctly rated magnets, balanced stator and flux rings plus they are QC checked at 14 points, from material processing all the way through to final dyno test.

Because we design and build these motors completely in-house (from 3D/2D drawing to materials sourcing, machining, balancing, final assembly and dyno) we can completely control production and ensure product consistency from design right through to shipping the product to you. The removal of middle-men has meant we can drive better value to the market and retail these motors at factory(our) prices! All performance figures are real and tested on our own motor dynos.

Our QC engineers check and balance each motor before shipping to the warehouse.
Model: NTM Prop Drive Series 50-60 270kv
Kv: 270rpm/v
Max current: 90A
Max Power: 2400W @ 29.6v (8S)
Shaft: 8mm
Weight: 454g
ESC: 100A
Cell count: 6s~8s Lipoly
Bolt holes: 30mm
Bolt thread: M4
Connection: 4mm Bullet-connector

Prop Test Data:
17x8 - 22.2V / 1312W / 60A / 4.87kg thrust

 Prop test data only available for 17x8 prop @ 22.2V at this time, will update once larger prop test data is available)


Additional Information

  • Blade Count:
  • Speed (Sec/60deg):
  • Torque(kg)(min. 0.01kg)
  • Diameter X(Inch)
  • A(mm):
  • B(mm):
  • C(mm)
  • D(mm)
  • E(mm):
  • F(mm):
  • SKU
  • Weight(g)
  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Height
  • Kv(rpm/v)
  • Max Currents (A):
  • Power (W):
  • Length B (mm)
  • Can Length D(mm)
  • Max Voltage(V):
  • Shaft A(mm):
  • Unit Weight (g)
  • Diameter C(mm)
  • Total Length E(mm):
  • Resistance (mh):

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Sehr guter Motor, ich benutze ihn in einem Elektrischen Longboard mit 4S, ausgelegt auf 25km/h Vmax hat der Motor selbst nur mit 4S ein sehr gutes Drehmoment und ber Steigungen lacht er nur.
Auch in einem Elektroroller macht er sich grade Sehr gut, mit 6S und 30km/h Vmax wirft es einen fast vom Roller wenn man Vollgas gibt.
5/5 Kronen.

Very good Motor, i use this in an electric Longboard with an 4S Battery.
Build for 25km/h maximum Speed the power is much more then you need.
Hills are no longer a problem.
Even in a Scooter with a 6S Battery the Motor perfomance is great and at full power you almost fly of the scooter.
5/5 Crowns
Bought this and put it in a Falcon Trainer with a Turnigy 5000ma 6s battery and an 80A esc. Tugs it around just fine on a 17/10 prop and doesn't get more than luke warm (under 40A draw so not exactly over stretched) but must have had 30 odd flights and no drama, (bar my flying abilities). So far so good.
ps Towed a couple of gliders up with it as well.
Super Motor mit kleinen Mngeln.
Habe den Motor in einem 1,8 Meter Telemaster mit 3,5 Kg Fluggewicht verbaut.
Betrieben an 6 S 40C 4000mah mit APC Elektro 21*13.
Schleppe damit locker einen Segler mit 4,5 KG auf ber 300 Meter.
Nur die Kugellager des Motors machen nach kurzer Zeit leichte Gerusche
welche durchaus vernachlssigt werden knnen.
Set this motor up in my Seagull Yak54 .91 -1.20 glow model for an electric conversion. Previously had a Hacker 5060 580KV on 6s with a 16x8 prop and was just running too high amps and barely getting sport flying thrust out of it. So I decided to go with this motor, running on 8s and a 19x8 prop. Castle Ice 100 esc.

Maidened with this set up today and it was an awesome combo...until 5 of the magnets let loose. The only cool thing was the plane sounded like it was running a real radial engine as I brought it in to land.

Castle telemetry says it only peaked at 1500 watts, 51A. I think this motor was built on a Friday! Hence the one crown for quality. I'll glue in the magnets and it should be a great combo then!
I use this motor in my friction drive ebike. No problems so far (cycling for a week now), no magnets falling out. I'm only feeding 500W into it at the moment though. I'll write an update when I switch to 1 kW.
Amazing motor for the price.
Keep well vented because it gets warm otherwise.
Cant get anything close to this power for the price.
Using this on an E-board with 6 cell, gets me to 35Km\h.
Great buy
I have used this motor with the 90 size stick, using the 17x10 prop and a 100 amp speedy. It was very marginal but flew, I had two 5s 4500 packs in parralel which gave me 9000mah of usable amps. It would fly all day but not very fast. Realised after that this motor needs 6s so will try that as a minimum on next flight hopefully it will fly a bit more positively with more power. Plan is to use it for glider tow which should be fine once the volts have been lifted.
Great construction...wish you guys had 8mm prop adapters in the US warehouse though.
Very powerful for the weight, generally good motor but the magnets keep slipping loose, some times even the re-glued ones, such a pity as this would be a really good choice.
I have give it 4 crowns as I have only had limited chance to try it so far but I am impressed. It is smooth and seems to do the job well. It is going in a 54" Sea fury, I am using this motor and a 4 blade prop (P-47 1600mm (PNF) - Replacement Props PRODUCT ID: 177000010) and an alloy spinner (Aluminium Prop Spinner 89mm / 3.5inch / 4 Blade PRODUCT ID: B89spinner-4) with a plush 80A esc. All purchased from Hobby king. Just Watt tested it and it is pulling 43A 950W on a 6s(22.2v).there is obviously lots of head room in the set up.
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