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NTM Rotor Drive 250 Series 3400KV / 180W

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NTM Rotor Drive 250 Series 3400KV / 180W

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NTM Rotor Drive, our latest addition to the NTM performance outrunner motor range are high quality brushless outrunner motors designed specifically for use in today's high performance electric model helicopters. The NTM Rotor Drive motors feature high quality, precision made Japanese ball bearings ensuring long life and excellent performance in your high-demand R/C helicopter. This motor also features a splined shaft for secure pinion mounitng.

We have performance tested these motors against other popular heli motors on the market today such as the Align 250SP motor. In our testing the NTM Rotor Drive motors not only offered better efficiency, but also higher current handling (in upwards of 5~10%).

NTM Rotor Drive motors are rock-solid performance outrunners with tight windings, quality bearings, correctly rated magnets, balanced stator and flux rings plus they are QC checked at 14 points, from material processing all the way through to final dyno test.

Because we design and build these motors completely in-house (from 3D/2D drawing to materials sourcing, machining, balancing, final assembly and dyno) we can completely control production and ensure product consistency from design right through to shipping the product to you. The removal of middle-men has meant we can drive better value to the market and retail these motors at factory(our) prices! All performance figures are real and tested on our own motor dynos.

Our QC engineers check and balance each motor before shipping to the warehouse.
Model: NTM Rotor Drive Series 2938 3400kv
Kv: 3400rpm/v
Poles: 12
Max Cont. Current: 14A
Burst Current: 17A
Max Power: 190W @ 11.1V
Shaft: 2.5mm
Weight: 36g
Cell count: 3s Lipoly
Bolt holes: 19mm x 19mm
Bolt thread: M2.5
Connection: 3.5mm Bullet-connector

  • Kv(rpm/v) 3400.00
  • Max Current (Motor) (A) 17.00
  • Resistance (mh) 0.00
  • Max Voltage (V) 12.00
  • Power (W) 190.00
  • Shaft A(mm) 2.50
  • Length B (mm) 22.00
  • Can Diameter C(mm) 25.00
  • Can Length D(mm) 10.00
  • Total Length E(mm) 32.00

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  • attributeset-10


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| Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

Apr 14, 2016

I'm not sure if it is the motor or the combination with the YEP 18A ESC, but I did not get the performance or behaviour desired from this motor, therefore replaced it in my 250 size helicopter. The motor is still ok and might find a usage somewhere else

luxury roller | Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

Feb 18, 2015

As always with NTM, very good high quality motor.

Runs quiet and efficient, good bearings, balanced from factory.

SkaterNatty | Verified Buyer

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  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

Feb 10, 2015

Great motor for an HK250GT build. Pinion with the kit was a tight fit but I used a vice to press the motor and pinion together.

Viktoras | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Jan 26, 2015

Got this one for HK250. Quality is amazing! Motor looks very nice, made with care and precision. Runs very smooth and the sound is so soft and pleasant. With a standard 800mAh battery, I am getting about 6-7 minutes of calm flight, but I think it could be more with different helicopter pitch and rpm settings. With current settings there is a lot of spare power left and it is hovering with only half of a throttle on. Helicopter weight is 349g. Conclusion - very good motor for a very good price!

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