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Nylon Snap-Click Style Clevis M2 / 23mm (10pc)

Nylon Snap-Click Style Clevis M2...

Nylon Snap-Click style clevis M2 / 23mm

To suit 2mm diameter control rod.
Length of connector: 23mm


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Nylon Snap-Click style clevis M2 / 23mm

To suit 2mm diameter control rod.
Length of connector: 23mm


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Sehr nützliches Equipment. Sichert die Verbindung Rudergestänge / Servohorn. Erspart die Z-Form im Gestänge
ottimo e dispenzibile prodotto
Very good alternative way how to secure push rods instead of make Z bands. Good for 2mm pushrods, didn't try with other diametrs.
good product , only advice , if you have to enlarge the hole , do it with an underwire hot
es la mejor mandera de asegurar los mandos de los aviones, sin aadir tanto peso
What can one say about this little item. It just works. I have some wire here that is as tough as nails and when I use my Z bend pliers on it, the wire breaks. So with these Snaps, all I need do is bend, a right angle and it is sweet. Very very good!
nice piece of plastic!
Nicely molded and a perfect fit on 2-56 rods popular in North America. Highly recommended.
Hardish Nylon? seem very sturdy not brittle plastic
naet @cheap but a quality clevis that is a good fix with spares
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