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OpenPilot CC3D Revolution (Revo) 32bit F4 Based Flight Controller w/Integrated 433Mhz OPLink

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OpenPilot CC3D Revolution (Revo) 32bit F4 Based Flight Controller w/Integrated 433Mhz OPLink


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By harnessing the power and imagination of the open source community, OpenPilot have created a new generation of powerful, low cost flight controller known as CopterControl that is suitable for multirotors, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

The Open Pilot CC3D Revolution (Revo) is the result of 1000's of hours of R&D work by the open source community, for the benefit of everyone and provides a robust base for commercial, research and hobby projects alike.

The Revo flight controller features state of the art hardware and software, backed by the Open Pilot GCS FC System and boasts position hold and 3D waypoint navigation among its many features. It is a full 10DOF with gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and barometric pressure sensors.

The Revo uses the STM32F4 CPU which uses a hardware floating point unit (FPU,) that represents a huge advancement for hobby-class autopilots. This FPU allows precise, low-latency processing of real-life measurements using advanced attitude estimation algorithms.

In addition to an integral FPU, the STM32F405RGT6 chip has the ARM Cortex-M4 core at 210MIPS and saturation arithmetic DSP functions.

The CPU has a range of built-in hardware modules that can be programmed once and function independently, requiring little to no CPU overhead.
These include 14 multi-channel timers, 3 synchronous-sampling ADCs serving up to 24 channels, 2 DAC, matrix memory controller with 16-stream DMA.
Communication modules include USB2.0, 3 x I2C, 3 x SPI, 4 x USART, 2 x CAN and SIDO. All these modules can be configured for accessing the chip pins using a flexible switch matrix, or disabled to save power. USB connectivity ensures that software updates and settings are straightforward to make in the GCS (Ground Control Station.)

The flight controller features a built-in 433MHz OPLink Modem and uses the standard OpenPilot footprint so has the same dimensions and mounting holes as the OpenPilot CC, CC3D, GPS, OSD and PipX boards.  

The Revo has an incredible array of functions to manage all of your flight parameters, and while it doesn't have the kitchen sink, it does a real time hardware calendar if you ever feel the need for a wake up flight!

• Open source development
• Flexi-IO Port for input/output
• MainPort (Telemetry) serial USART w/adjustable baud rate.
• FlexiPort for telemetry funtions
• 433MHz RF output
• Power Sensor/Sonar Port
• STM32F4 32 bit  CPU
• ARM32 powered digital packet processor
• USB2.0, I2C, SPI, USART, CAN and SIDO communication modules
• 14 Multi-channel timers
• 3-Axis gyro
• 3-Axis accelerometer
• 3-Axis Magnetometer
• Barometric pressure sensor
• PWM/PPM for configuration with Futaba, FrSky, Spektrum (inc satellite) receivers and many others.

Input voltage: 5 ~ 8.4V
Telemetry link: 433MHz
Power connectors: JST-SH 4-pin
Antenna connector: SMA
Dimensions: 36 x 36mm
Weight: 9g

OpenPilot CC3D Revolution (Revo) Flight controller w/Internal 433Mhz Radio
10 Pin cable
4 Pin cable
Antenna extension cable

Full configurations instructions can be found in the  OpenPilot manual:

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Chebm | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Fits perfect my needs

Oct 31, 2019

Use several of these devices in my models. Sometime I had some issues with establish connection to telemetry or to a sensor, but in all cases with some switches or software update, the issue could be solved.

Maidenlennium | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Good board

Aug 28, 2019

Easy install in the libre pilot wizzard.

VectorJones | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Sep 05, 2016

Well this is the first review I've ever written, but i need to warn people about this FC.

Be aware, if you intend to use this board with GPS modes you are going down a dark road. Any GPS flying requires MAG (compass) readings for it to work and using the internal MAG on this FC wont be enough. You will require a GPS with an external MAG like the ones they sell here on HK. Funny thing is that, tho those modules say they have MAG, they are not wired or connected. You will have to open them and solder the wires for them to work. Even after all that, there are plenty of bugs calibrating the external MAG from your GPS module.

(at the moment) The official version does not support those external MAG's, and like I said, the test version has some bugs. Don't get me wrong, the support team in the Librepilot/openpilot is great, but with a good FC without problems I would not need to find help. The PID needs some tunning, again not for beginners or photography professionals. It just feels like it is still an incomplete project.

If you want a FC without using GPS go for the cheaper CC3D, if you want e better one go for a NAZA or Tarot instead. Getting this FC GPS is arround the same price as the Naza-lite, I would go for that.

| Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Certified Buyer Rated

Feb 04, 2016

First class fly with open pilot. This is so good pack for all people (beginger or professionals). So easy setup and this pack coming with antenna.

GustPilot | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Certified Buyer Rated

Jan 04, 2016

This anit original, but a neat clone, everything is holding out on the ZMR

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