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OrangeRX DSMX DSM2 Compatible 2.4Ghz Transmitter Module V1.2 (JR/Turnigy/Taranis compatible)

OrangeRX DSMX DSM2 Compatible 2....

The OrangeRX 2.4Ghz transmitter module offers a simple, convenient and inexpensive way to utilize your module-based JR/Turnigy/Taranis compatible transmitter to enable it to be used with any DSM2 and DSMX type receivers. 

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The OrangeRX 2.4Ghz transmitter module offers a simple, convenient and inexpensive way to utilize your module-based JR/Turnigy/Taranis compatible transmitter to enable it to be used with any DSM2 and DSMX type receivers. 

Unlike standard modules which have a fixed protocol, this unit switches automatically between DSM2 (1024/22ms, 2048/11ms) and DSMX (22ms, 11ms) during the binding process. It is also manually selectable using a long press of the bind button.

This version also has a major firmware change that allows for the module to work with multiple receivers without rebinding.

Simply remove your existing module, plug in the OrangeRX  module and you are ready to bind to any DSMX, DSM2 receivers. 

• Works with any JR/Turnigy/Taranis compatible module-based transmitter
• Auto and manual mode switching: DSM2 1024/22ms, DSM2 2048/11ms, DSMX 22ms, DSMX 11ms
• Easy to access bind button
• Easy to use ID button 
• Range check mode (1mW)
• Full range system
• Accepts PPM from 4 - 12 channels
• Outputs from 4 - 12 channels according to PPM provided
• Low current consumption

Compatibility: JR style 5 pin module-based transmitters (JR/Turnigy/Taranis compatible) (Not compatible with Turnigy 9X)
2.4Ghz protocol: DSMX / DSM2
Input Voltage: 6 - 18VDC
Output Power: -18dBm
Current Consumption: 100mA max
Radio Type: Full range system
Firmware version: 1.2

OrangeRX DSMX/DSM2/Devo Compatible 2.4Ghz transmitter module
2.4Ghz antenna
For manual please see files tab below.

OrangeRX Modules use a unique Global ID for binding. Incase of binding issues with other branded receivers press the "Change ID" button on module to change the Module ID to another unique value reserved for that module. There are over 4 billion unique ID's assigned to OrangeRx modules.

This is not a Spektrum DSM2/X, Walkera product, neither is it a copy of a Spektrum DSM2/DSMX/Walkera product. The Spektrum and DSM2 / DSMX brand is a trademark of Horizon Hobbies USA. OrangeRX products are not black market or fake Spektrum products. OrangeRx quality is guaranteed. 


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Perfictly fit The Turnegy 9XR Pro. Best for Usig with nano multirotors and flying wings. The range is not the best, but there are planty of receivers to choose from.
I use it to control my sciscky ( with my Taranis. No problem works perfectly
Perfect, worked with my taranis X9D and an inductrix after some parameter tuning
Here are the settings I am using on my FlySky TH9X =
Single blinks - DSM2, 1024, 22ms - Lemon DSM2 reciever
Double blinks - DSMx, 2048, 22ms - Night Visionaire stabilized SAFE reciever
Constant ON. - Auto mode - Orange Stabilized receiver
These all work well, and I have not had to Re-Bind. Much better than the previous module, that you had to remove to change switch settings.
arbeitet perfekt mit flysky 9 thx. passt genau und rastet super ein. binden kein problem mit orange empfänger.
Of course the first thing I done right after I ripped this out of the box is take it apart... Unfortunately the screws are low quality and in tight so one screw instantly stripped and prevented me from getting the case open.It's a real shame because the rest of the device is good quality plastic case is solid and a perfect fit, and the soldering is top notch.

Main down side is the antenna position is downright stupid.It feels like it wasn't tested before release. When the antenna is attached, it sticks out so much you can't place your transmitter down without risk of snapping the cheap 3db antenna or the SMA connector. Hence why you might want to take the unit apart and wire your own antenna connection... To bad the screws are rubbish.
Works with the Blade inductrix and scisky board. However I have to cycle power on the quad sometimes to get it to bind.
Exclente modulo, trabaja perfectamente, un poco incomodo por la antena hay que tener cuidado de no lastimarla pero facilmente se puede adaptar con el transmisor para que salga por arriba
Works great on my 9xr pro. I followed the instuction for the inductrix and I made it to bind my nano qx2.
This module still don't work with BNF really gutted feel hobbyking are miss selling it saying it works with any DSM2/DSMX receivers when it doesn't : (
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