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OrangeRx Futaba FASST Compatible 8Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver

OrangeRx Futaba FASST Compatible...

Compatible with Futaba FASST transmitters: TM7, TM8, TM10, TM14 + more.

The OrangeRx 8ch is only 9.7g in weight and 33x55x14.5mm in size. Great for small planes, heli's, parkflyers or even medium sized sport planes.
Key features....

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Compatible with Futaba FASST transmitters: TM7, TM8, TM10, TM14 + more.

The OrangeRx 8ch is only 9.7g in weight and 33x55x14.5mm in size. Great for small planes, heli's, parkflyers or even medium sized sport planes.

Key features.
Light weight 9.7g
Compatible with FASST aircraft radio and module systems
8 Channels
Compact design 33x55x14.5mm
Twin antenna for diversity and long range.
Input voltage: 4~9.8V
Specified Range: 1.5km+
Resolution: 3072
Latency: 22ms

OrangeRx Futaba FASST 2.4Ghz Compatible 8Ch receiver

All OrangeRx receivers come with a 12 month warranty.
NOTE* This is not a Futaba receiver, nor is it a copy of a Futaba receiver.
Futaba and FASST are trademarks of Futaba Co (JP).

Note* Disable failsafe on transmitter, otherwise you will experience servo jitter.

This receiver is not compatible with the Satellitemode of the TFR8-S


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i have been using 2 of these as replacement for original futaba 7ch recievers for about 2 years, these orange recievers are reliable for electric planes, heli and multicopters. but i won't suggest to use these on IC engine planes, as i have experienced few incidents of bind loosing on IC engine ones.
have used them on my yak54 EPP, Heli, and Edge. no issue. love the price
Hello to all,

I have those receivers from 2011 is super and never BUT never glitch for my 12FG.
Remember to put the small cables of antennas in cross of 90 degrees.
And last is is carbon fuselage to put out of body.!!
It is full range and you will fly as yours eye can see.!

Very Good RX it works on my T8fg Tx Indeed there are two modes on this Rx, Hi speed mode for Hi speed servos and low speed mode For Low speed select turn off Tx turn on rx while pressing the bind botton for six seconds then realease the bind botton. you can check it by turning on the Rx by blinking lights. Tx is off, if it blink fast youre on the Hs mode if it blinks slow youre on the slow mode. Thank you Hk Very FASST Shipping
works with my futaba T8FSG.
A big fan of these, works with 14MZ and 18MZ perfectly. Flown with / without the plastic case (cover with clear heatshrink). Cant fault them.
Kelpo vastareita. Nit kytss eri koneissa 8kpl eik mitn ongelmia.

great choice
Prima ontvanger. Gebruik hem al een jaar. Groot bereik plus500mtr zeker. Licht en degelijk huis.
I have just done a range test on this receiver, and it works well at 4.2 km (2.6 miles) line of sight! However, transmitter antenna orientation is important at this range. Don't point the antenna directly at the receiver, make sure the antenna is perpendicular to the line of sight to the receiver. Rock solid performance though. Great value.
It arrived in less than a week, inside the box of a kit, so I was pleased with the delivery time. There was no box and no instructions. I couldn't get it to bind at 1st until I saw a vid on here explaining the bind button, which I hadn't noticed (Duh). I set my Futaba 14SG to 7ch mode and whilst pressing the bind button, powered up the Rx and it bound immidiately. I plugged some servos in and noticed jittering and was ready to send it back until I saw another uTube vid on here about Digital v Analogue servo mode (or High/Low speed mode), which is denoted by the flashing red LED when your Tx is off. Fast flashing = Digital mode - Slow flashing = Analogue mode. This is changed, again with your Tx off, by pressing the bind button for over 6secs and then releasing, and the flashing will have changed. Then everything was OK and the servos operated normally. A great product at a great price. So now we don't have to get ripped off by Futaba's expensive Rx's. Shame on you Futaba - stop ripping us off!
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