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Quanum Outlaw 180 Racing Drone (Kit)

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Quanum Outlaw 180 Racing Drone (Kit)

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Quanum Outlaw 180 Racing Drone (Kit)

Another excellent build in our Quanum Outlaw Racing Series. The Outlaw 180 comes with a strong 3mm one-piece carbon fiber lower deck. It would take a lot to inflict damage on this Outlaw. Above is a 1.5mm upper deck. Between decks there is huge open spaces for FPV camera, receiver and video transmitter. The FPV camera mount tilts for those high speed flights.  

The Outlaw 180 also comes with a set of lights to show the posse where you are. This is a great pro level kit. Just build the kit, add all your gear and you are ready for the stampede.

• One-piece Carbon Fiber Bottom Frame (3mm)
• One-piece Carbon Fiber Top Frame (1.5mm)
• Lean back Carbon Fiber front camera mount
• Front and rear LED Lights

Wheelbase: 200mm
Size: 160x182x54mm (without legs)

1 x Quanum Outlaw 180 Racer Kit
1 x Manual

4 x 2204 2300Kv motors
4 x 20A ESC
1 x Flight Controller (CC3D recommended)
1 x Power Distribution Board
1x 1300~1800 3~4s battery
2 x CW 5" 5030 propellers
2 x CCW 5" 5030 propellers
5~6ch control radio and receiver
FPV gear optional

  • Quanum Outlaw 180 Racing Drone
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Arthur | Verified Buyer

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Nice kit

Dec 05, 2019

Bought it as a present for a relative who is into drones. Nice kit, solid, should stand a few tree contacts and impacts with the ground. Shame the arms are all in one, would have been better with separate arms and spares available

johnnierico | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Sep 03, 2016

I got a couple of these for a dollar during the sale and I transferred the components from a broken frame to build one of these. The carbon is good, the bottom plate is tough to bend even with all the cutouts. The fpv camera mount is... just the worst. I have no idea how you're supposed to use the included stuff. I'm guessing they changed the fpv mount when they realized this isn't really a 5" frame. I attached a pic of mine to show how I managed to squeeze in a HS1177m. I moved the battery to the bottom because the top plate is little. And the flimsy fiberglass protector on the bottom to protect the electronics is an especially terrible design choice. I used screws and bits laying around to build mine differently from the picture. I'll attach that also.

Customer files
updated manual Download [2850]
Fully built side view Download [3884]
Fully built with FPV camera Download [4088]
Fully built with FPV camera Download [4088]
Fully built side view Download [3884]
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