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Parkjet 2 High Speed Wing with 3-axis Flight Stabilizer EPO 550mm (PNF)

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Parkjet 2 High Speed Wing with 3-axis Flight Stabilizer EPO 550mm (PNF)

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Built for speed but with a low wing-loading, the Parkjet 2 screams across the sky and can still glide in for a slow landing. This combined with the addition of a 3-axis flight stabilization system, the Parkjet 2 has an unbelievably wide flight envelope.

The new and improved Parkjet 2 includes a powerful 2623-4500kv brushless outrunner motor, 15A ESC and an improved fiberglass reinforced motor mount giving this model a significant boost in performance. To help manage this extra power and extreme high speed, a 3-axis flight stabilizer has been pre-installed to keep the on the model on the straight and level during full throttle runs.

The HK Parkjet 2 is a fantastically fast park-flyer with very docile and predictable slow-flight characteristics, it's easy to land and hand launches are made simple with underside finger holds which also mark the CG location. The main wings are reinforced with carbon fiber rods and the fuselage can accept a wide variety of batteries from 800mAh up to 1300mAh!

This version of the Parkjet 2 comes in "Plug and Fly" format with the motor, ESC, servos and 3-axis flight stabilizer all pre-installed. You will simply need to add your own radio system and batteries to complete this model.

• "Plug and Fly" format - simply add your own radio system and batteries
• 3-axis flight stabilization system pre-installed
• Constructed from ultra-durable EPO foam
• Extremely wide flight envelope
• Powerful 4500kv brushless power system pre-installed

*Note: The pre-installed 3-axis flight stabilization system is compatible with any standard receiver.

Wing Span: 550mm
Length: 415mm
Fying Weight: 210g
Motor: BL2623-4500kv (Included)
ESC: 15A (Included)
Prop: EP-4530 (Included)
Servos: 4.5g x 2 (Included)

4 x AA batteries

  • Parkjet 2
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Udderchaos | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

May 25, 2014

so I got this plane and an AXN floater jet with the idea to learn how to fly. with a few hours on a sim I thought I was ready to go.. parked the floaterjet into the ground nose first and it needed some glueing so I go the parkjet out.... omg how cool is this thing... after working out we had to throw it to lauch to keep fingers intact. this this a rocket and with the stabliser even I as a noob could fly it happily at half throttle.. very happy with this thing.

MrLugeman | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Dec 12, 2013

I really liked this model. It is quick and responsive. Care should be taken not to over drive the electronic stabiliser as it can be turned up far enough to cause oscillations at high speed.
The most fun i have had in a while. Make you want to fly.

Miguel | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Oct 08, 2013

I had a problem with the hatch as although hinged at the front and held at the back with magnets was not easy to keep closed. The supplied CD did not work. Had a good 7 mins fun flying this plane but lost control during final landing approach and the nose broke off. Back to the repair shop.

MrLugeman | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Jul 31, 2013

This is a really nice little model.
The tail fins fit into the pre-formed slots with a friction fit. They are fixed with the epoxy supplied.
The hatch is hinged at the front and held at the back with magnets.
Hint: Keep cables on the centre line using small cable ties to avoid pinching as the hatch is closed.
Using an extension cable (10cm) will allow the RC receiver to be moved to the front of the cockpit area.
The supplied CD gives full documentation on the plane and the electronic stabilisation system.
I look forward to flying this tomorrow!

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