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Phantom FPV Flying Wing EPO Airplane 1550mm (PNF) V2

Phantom FPV Flying Wing EPO Airp...

The Phantom V2 is the newest addition to our range of First Person View (FPV) models. It is a great flyer with very predictable handling qualities, excellent stability and lots of wing area to cope with additional loads for FPV use.


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The Phantom V2 is the newest addition to our range of First Person View (FPV) models. It is a great flyer with very predictable handling qualities, excellent stability and lots of wing area to cope with additional loads for FPV use.

The Phantom features tough EPO construction with molded in camera bays - one forward looking just under the nose and another mount in the top of the canopy with a plywood support pre-installed. Speaking of pre-installed items, the servos, 900kv outrunner motor and 30amp speed controller are also installed ready to go. This updated version features premium 3K wrapped carbon tube spars, and now breaks down into three pieces for easy transport.

Assembly of the airframe is very simple, literally four glue joints required - foam glue is also included!

This model is capable of flights in excess of 30 minutes on a 3S 4500mAh lipo and the space under the canopy is cavernous! There is plenty of space for your choice FPV gear.

• Plug and Fly - Just install your choice of battery and radio system
• Ultra tough EPO construction 
• Ultra stable flight performance
• Excellent FPV platform
• 30 minute plus flight duration on 4500mAh 3s lipo
• Easy to Hand Launch, Easy to Land 
• Stable Handling at Low and High Speeds 
• Updated with 3K wrapped carbon tube spars
• Updated with removable outer wing panels for easy transport
Wingspan: 1550mm  
Length: 683mm 
Flying Weight: 900g 

Molded EPO foam parts
2 x 9g servos 
30amp Esc
900kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
2 x propellers (9 x 6)
Carbon Fiber Spars 
Hardware Set 
Decal Sheet 

4 Channel Radio (with delta mixing)
4500mAh 3s Lipoly battery

 For replacement parts please check in our Phantom FPV Flying Wing Spare Parts Section


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fpv 100
Great Flying Wing

Got the Arkbird Flightstabilisation installed in it. Flys beautiful.

Easy to assemble and to start.

I was first a bit concerned of starting the plane with the handlaunch, but no danger for injuries. And landing is also no problem. Prop does not get damaged, still will replace it with a folding prop
Great platform for FPV, very quick assembly, on ordering this aircraft make sure you order APC 9x6 props an metal geared servos as the ones that come with the PNF version are not the best, overall 4/5 for value for money
Good but mine came with a slightly damaged aileron. Had to fix it with CA before maiden
Garbage I dont know what is going on But I purchased 4 of these and they ALL had issues. (Servos broke easily, Motor mount breaks easily ,ect ect) BTW I did not crash these They were just poorly mad
Fantastic FPV plane!!
Mine crashed STRAIGHT down at over 60m/h, replaced the canopy and the motor mount and she was good as new. flew like nothing happened. Ofc i bought another one as back-up incase HK ran out of stock. now i have two of these and very satisfied.
Recommended as FPV platform! Flight time i got with a 5000mah 3s was 30-45 min
Very nice packaging. Easy to build. Flies excellent with stock motor, stock esc and stock prop. No idea why some think it is underpowered. Prop needed HEAVY balancing (sanding heavy side plus adding weight to light side), but runs very smooth now. I used a Nanotech 3S 4000mAh battery. Even needed to add 100g balancing weight at the front.
A fantastic FPV platform if you change the motor (underpowered) and you update the ESC for a 40 or 50 amp. Really stable even under big wind.
Received my Phantom a couple of days ago and flew it for the first time this morning. What a great flying machine! Components consisted of APM 2.6, blue tooth module, power module and a 4000 mah battery. The motor was changed out as soon as it arrived with a 480 size along with a 40 amp esc. Half power takeoff's are more than adequate as I could hardly hold it in my hand. Camera comes after I finish tweaking the APM 2.6

I Would definitely advise at least upgrading the esc.. I found this model to be somewhat under powered but a great idea just needing some find tuning. I flew this with a 4000mah 3 cell battery and it was a struggle to keep in the air and to get the model to climb. A bit more power would make all the difference with this one! However the model does glide like a giant albatross bird, which impressed me. worth while model, just need to give it some minor adjustments..
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