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Phantom Sailboat 1890mm (74.4") (Almost Ready To Sail)

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Phantom Sailboat 1890mm (74.4") (Almost Ready To Sail)


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The Phantom is a very striking R/C Yacht and with its huge sail is built for speed. It comes in an easily identifiable yellow and carbon fiber effect hull which is based entirely on a racing yacht and molded in fiberglass with a perfect Gelcoat and enamel painted finish.


All required items are pre-installed, including 3kg mainsail winch, steering servo and all rigging, sail and hardware. Once assembled all you need to do is add your own tx/rx and battery!


In a stiff breeze, this boat can be extremely quick and rapidly perform turns and maneuvers, proving for extreme racing.


• Beautifully crafted sailboat
• Ready to sail with all equipment pre-installed
• Larger improved reinforced rudder
• Improved material with a hand-laid fiberglass hull
• High-quality Gelcoat and enamel painted finish
• High-quality nylon sails with reinforced corners
• Aluminum turnbuckles and sail holders and metal rigging wire for easy adjusting rigging trim
• Pre-installed 3kg winch servo
• Maneuverable, fast and fun to sail


Length: 1000mm
Height: 1890mm
Weight: 3460g
Area of Sails: 0.4m2
Ballast weight: 1.3kg
Draft from the waterline to bottom of keel: 350mm
Rig Height from the deck to the top of the mast: 1400mm


1 x 2ch transmitter and receiver
1 x Receiver battery


Note: Please ensure you fill the keel ballast to 1.3kg or heavier. Lead shot, bearings or bolts/nuts will be sufficient. Keeping them in place with epoxy.

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AMRC | Verified Buyer

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall

phantom RC sailboat

Nov 17, 2019

Instructions not very clear with regard to radio fit out and rigging. My Kit did not have a complete set of fittings. Seal around hatch is terrible and requires lots of modification. Ballast Torpedo is set for light winds only. Overall the boat requires a lot of work to get it reliable and sea worthy. Once this is done is a pleasure to sail.

Philip | Verified Buyer

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  • Quality
  • Overall

Phantom 74.4" Sailboat

Aug 29, 2019

First off-this thing is HUGE!!! Taller than I am when sitting on boat stand. Very easy to assembly & it looks great under sail. I ordered the Hobby Wing TX/RX combo & everything works great! Very happy!!!!

Philip | Verified Buyer

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall

Phantom &4.4" SailBoat

Aug 29, 2019

This thing is HUGE! I had to assembly it in my basement-when it is sitting on the provided boat stand, from the floor to the tip of the mast, it is taller than I am. Sails GREAT!!! Instructions were a bit vague but after contacting Hobby King support, everything was clear! A very good value!!!!

odet50 | Verified Buyer

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  • Overall

Great deal

Aug 07, 2019

Complete and detailed model.

Fabio | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Beautiful and Fun, but could use some improvements

Jan 07, 2019

I want to start by saying this is my very first experience with RC Sailboats, i just bought this and another boat together from HK. When i opened the box i was pretty impressed how beautiful these little things are, i quickly jumped to assembling it.
The assembly manual as most other Chinese products is not great, it skips a few steps and grammar is funny at best, but good enough to assemble the boat with a few revisions.
The first issue i found was having one of the metal strings used to keep the mast in place being too short, but thankfully there was a spare one i used to solve this obstacle.
The plastic mount screwed to the top of the hull where the mast lines attach to is a bit too weak, it uses little screws onto the hull but one of them came out with the line tension, i solved it with super glue, but it could use a stronger assembly with nuts or something else in my opinion.
I took it to the lake right away because i was anxious to see this beauty sail.
Another opportunity for improvement is the decorative steering wheels are right below the main sail boom, a couple times the wrench line got caught on it and the sail was stuck and i had to manage the wind not capsize the boat.
After this experience i learned that the latch that holds the hatch cover is a bit too small, and since the wrench line was tangled on the steering wheel when i pulled the sail in it instantly popped the lid open, luckily it didn't fall in the water and i was able to fix it. Next time i am adding some tape to make sure i don't lose the lid.
I know i presented a few things as opportunity for improvement but overall i am very happy with it and for the price its definitely worth it.
Hopefully the manufacturer sees this review and consider some improvements, because its a great product.

andre | Verified Buyer

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  • Value

very satisfied

Sep 29, 2018

The item was shipped quickly and the boat has a very good quality I am very satisfied

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