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Piper J3 Cub 1400mm EPO (PNF)

Piper J3 Cub 1400mm EPO (PNF)

We love J-3 Cubs here at Hobbyking as you may have noticed! This PNF Cub is remarkably scale for it's size, is easy to fly and being a bit bigger can handle more wind than some of the smaller foam J3's we offer. A real favourite with sca...

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We love J-3 Cubs here at Hobbyking as you may have noticed! This PNF Cub is remarkably scale for it's size, is easy to fly and being a bit bigger can handle more wind than some of the smaller foam J3's we offer. A real favourite with scale pilots, this is a Cub you will be proud to own.

Plug N Fly of course means quick assembly and almost every component is attached by screws, including the 2 wing halves, even the tailplane can be removed for transportation if desired. All servos are pre-installed as is the ESC & powerful Brushless Motor. This model is ideal for RC pilots of all ability and it is not often that a geniuine scale model can be flown by relative beginners. The scale detail is quite amazing, plastic injection moulded parts are used extensively and include the dummy engine, wing struts and and the dummy bungee under-carriage.

Practical features include the linked steerable tailwheel, large magnetic battery hatch, construction of course from tough & easy to repair EPO foam, large "Cub" wheels with rubber tyres and 4s power for guaranteed performance.....a fantastic looking model on the ground and in the air.

Length: 950mm
Flying Weight: 1800g
Wing Loading: 56g/dm2
Motor: 36-48 700kv Brushless Outrunner
ESC: 45A w/BEC
Prop: 12x9
Servo: 9g x 4

All Hardware
Colour Photo Instruction Book

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX
2200mAh 4s Lipoly Battery


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Very nice construction and detail. Flies slow and scale or will do easy loops and aileron rolls.
Everything worked well on mine. It has survived a few crashes with minimal damage. My favorite plane until I bent the prop adapter, seems to be a hard to find part.
Super nice easy to fly with a super great scale look
On a positive note to be fair, checked fit with pre-assembly, parts fit great, motor has great power. Plane looks reallu good.
ESC was dead, HK warranty procedure is more trouble than it's worth, shipping and photos... c,mon, so I repaired it myself.
Wow, it's way better than i expected. Arrived well boxed and undamaged. No factory dings in the skin. Very well molded and finished, all parts present. A great value for $75.53. I haven't tested the electronics, or assembled it yet, but its a beautiful model.
HK said they have electronic parts, but no body replacement parts. Told me to Email
"" for manufacturer info. I hope it assembles as good as it looks. Five stars so far. Thanks again HK!


The yellow paint withstands almost nothing it go very easily by
Cantilevered wings are cheap plastic
Suspensions in cheap plastic with a metal hanger that does not fit properly into the groove on the hull
Skrews for mounting servohorn are too long
Servo cable y cable is too short and you try to bypass the y- cable is vingeservokabler also for short.
Cables from bec and esc is too short
Rudder wheel locks for rudder at full scale , this quick fix is ​​less deflection on rudders .
Wing Collection yawn in front so we were forced to glue the wings together , which was not following the recipe.

It is not that expensive , so let's just say a cheap fly .
If you make an effort with a lot of that new solutions can be an okay school flies .
Motor works strong in testing on the ground, we have to see what happens when it gets in the air it flies with 4s
Despite the cheap plastic suspension feels like it has excellent suspension .
This is my first plane and it is a dream to fly. I love it. You can putter along at half throttle and get the feel for it, then floor it for aerobatic fun. And it's super cheap, so you will not cry too much when you break something.

And you will break something, namely the landing gear, which is thin, brittle plastic. Then you will search for parts, and find them very scarce. Since I own a 3D printer, I designed and printed my own replacement parts. You can find them on the Thingiverse website if you search for "J3 cub".

Apart from the flimsy landing gear, the plane is nicely done. I did add a stiffener to the elevators since the foam bridge between the two halves is too soft. Apart from that, it goes together easily despite the mostly worthless directions (which are for an older version and contain pictures far too tiny to make out what they are showing). A little common sense will see you through. Or a google search for a build log.
I am very frustrated with this airplane! Maiden flight with all checks and the plane flying with a tendancy to roll over to the left
the plane requires 75pcnt ailerons to the right so that can flight straight!!!
I don't understand where the problem is...
Now i have broken rudder and elevator after a very difficult and hard landing
I had previously put up a review after I had assembled the airplane. Here is the review of flight characteristics. It takes off very similar to the scale version. It is very predictable and easy to fly. Landing was a breeze. It just floated in. The large wheels make it easy to take off and land on grass or asphalt. I unfortunately had the ESC go out after the first flight. I have turned in a RMA for the replacement of the ESC. I was using a 4S 2200ma battery and it lasted around 9 minutes. I do like the way the plane flies.
The plane arrived in good shape. Putting it together left a lot to be desired. The instruction book did not show all facets of construction and the pictures and print was very small and almost needed a magnifying glass to see it. The rear steering springs were missing. The tail wheel shaft had to be reformed to make the rear wheel track straight. The instructions left out quite a few things as far details on certain parts of assembly. If you are new to the sport and this is your first plane you will have a hard time putting it together correctly. I will be performing the maiden flight tomorrow and put another review up on how it fly's.
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