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Piranha 600 Brushless V-Hull R/C Boat (670mm)

Piranha 600 Brushless V-Hull R/C...

Small and very fast, the Piranha V-Hull racing boat comes with a powerful 2881kv watercooled brushless motor.
All hardware is included and is well machined, finished in a bead-blast and anodized to prevent corrosion.
Two racing drivers c...

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essential items and
Small and very fast, the Piranha V-Hull racing boat comes with a powerful 2881kv watercooled brushless motor.
All hardware is included and is well machined, finished in a bead-blast and anodized to prevent corrosion.
Two racing drivers complete with steering wheel and map plus exciting graphics complete this boat.

Length: 670mm
Width: 155mm
Height: 75mm
Weight : 850g
Motor: 28-58 size 2881kv Watercooled brusless 
ESC: 50A watercooled (Required)
Drive system: 3.18mm 
Radio System (2ch) & Receiver
1 x 3kg standard size servo
50A Water cooled ESC
4000mah 3S 20C Lipo
*Spare parts arriving soon.

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I hope this scene cross the water at high speed production.
I bought the Piranha as a birthday present for my brother. This boat is awesome. It runs well in the water, very stable for it's size, no problems with the esc and the motor runs quite cool. We got about 5 - 8 mins out of a 3s 2200mah lipo pack.
This boat is highly recommended.
Check out the vid from a day out on the pond
cooked stock motor on 4s.... fast boat...

will upgrade motor to a 3674-1660Kv needs weigh balencing place to put 2 seperate packs
This boat is very nice and looks great out of the box. It has all the parts in bags and was well boxed. It does not come with any assembly manual but it is not hard to figure out the boat.
Two things to keep in mind are the dean plug on the boat and the battery comes with pin type cornecters and you will have to change it to a deans or find an adpter that will work.
To change the battery you have to remove the cabin but it is fasten by tape that come with the kit. You will be happy with the boat for the money.
Great medium size boat ! Stable, good power, very good acceleration and relatively fast : 55~60 km/h max. The coating quality and sealing is good (just a few drops of water who i think are returned from a antenna tube or fail above hull masking scotch).
The balance with recommended 3S 4000 mAh lipo is quite well in middle on support.
On this subject, i recommend to replaced these plastic collar by a velcro tape for convenience.
Final point, autonomy is about 10 min at middle / full throttle wich is decent.
after puting the piranha together (witch took all of about 15 minutes with programming of the rudder expo and all), and taking it to one of the ponds out on the family land, i plugged in a venom 5400mah 20C 3S battery and just let her rip. with the stock prob it had some cavitation issues coming out of the hole. but soon as on plane it was a little rocket. As I read some of the comments about this boat being unstable at speed. i noticed hardly a wiggle at full speed. I also have expo in my rudder input witch helps in high speed turns. I only wish that they had a regular hatch system instead of tape down (although minimum water was observed inside after the run). if i do flip it i just worry about the security of such system (the reason for 4 stars in quality). other than that, heck i love this thing, its the most fun i had in a long time. I did do one mod and it really helped the cooling system. All it took were a couple of "T" fitting and alittle extra tubing. basicly what its doing is sending cool water to both the esc and motor instead of the motor getting warmed water that has passed through the esc. This little mod made night and day difference as far as what i observed. anyways, exelent boat, the fiberglassed stepped V was something i was looking for in a hull design. This boat has what i want. All in all i'm thrilled with it.
Purchased this for my son, his first boat. Very fast and throws a huge rooster tail. Using standard setup, 3300ma 3s 30c lipos and 3kg buggy servo have had no problems. You need some draft foam or rubber to seal around the cover and plenty of tape to hold it on. A cut down kitchen sponge in the bottom of the boat absorbs any water that does get in.
very nice boat and very good price

i have one :) and im haby with it
a very nice boat straight out of the box takes about 30mins to setup and get going. Some pictures and some instructions to help setup would be handy. The propshaft wasnt glued down probley and when full power was applied it broke the mounting and shook free, hence it would be a good idea to apply more glue to it. I only ran it on a 7.4 battery it was pritty sluggish to start but got on the plane within 5mtrs. overall a fun,fast and stable boat
It's good product and it seems very fast. I will try and I inform
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essential items and

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