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PLA Pro+ Silver 250G 1.75mm eSUN

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PLA Pro+ Silver 250G 1.75mm eSUN

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PLA+ Silver 0.5kg 1.75mm eSUN

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Engineered to be up to 10 times stronger, eSUN Pro PLA+ has much higher inter layer bonding strength and is 100% FDA approved. The extra strength makes the filament perfect for hobby projects, including 3D printing spare parts and sculptural designs.

Pro PLA+ filament has a low shrinkage temperature which results in minimal warping. Create smooth prints with quality filament that boasts a stable diameter and food safe material. eSUN Pro PLA+ can be trusted to create strong, smooth 3D prints every time.

• Low Shrinkage (no warping)
• Much Stronger than Regular PLA
• Stable diameter (smooth prints)
• FDA approved food safe
• Non Harmful, non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Width: 1.75mm ±0.05mm (or better)
Printing Temperature: 190-210°C
Hotend: 195°C
First Layer: 200°C
Heated Bed: 0-60°C (use 40° and UHU glue for adhesion)
Cooling Fan: On after first layers
Minimum Layer Time: 8 seconds

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