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Hobbyking manuals repository

Instruction Manuals

Hello and welcome to the HobbyKing manuals repository page. Here you’ll find the latest manuals for a range of our exclusive products to download and print for FREE as needed. We will regularly update this page so you can be confident you’ll find the latest version of any manuals listed here. Thank you for your support and enjoy!

Durafly (PNF) Auto-G2 V2 Gyrocopter w/Auto-Start 821mm

Durafly (PNF) Me-163B V2 "White 10" WWII Interceptor Fighter EPO 950mm

Durafly Excalibur 1600mm PNF Manual

Durafly D.H.100 Vampire PNF "Canadian Edition" 70mm Manual

Durafly Tundra V2 1300mm PNF Manual

Avios Spitfire MkVb Super Scale 1450mm ETO Scheme PNF Manual

Avios PNF BushMule V2 Twin-Motor Sports/STOL Airplane 1500mm PNF Manual

Avios Extra 330LX V2 3D Aerobatic Airplane 1420mm PNF Manual

Durafly Goblin Racer 820mm PNF Manual

Durafly Messerschmitt Bf.109E-4 Battle of Britain Scheme 1100mm PNF Manual

Durafly T-28 Trojan Naval Aviation Centennial Edition 1100mm PNF Manual

Durafly EFX Racer/EFXTRA 1100mm PNF Manual

VQ Models Cessna 188 Agwagon 1920mm ARF Manual

H-King P-51D Moonbeam McSwine 750mm V2 PNF Manual

H-King Avro Lancaster V3 "Dumbo" RAF WWII Heavy Bomber 1320mm PNF Manual

H-King Chance Vought F4U Corsair 750mm PNF Manual

H-King A-1 Skyraider 800mm PNF Manual

Avios Grand Tundra Plus 1700mmm PNF Manual

H-King Yak-11 1450mm PNF Manual

Avios Albatross USCG 1600mm PNF Manual

Durafly Excalibur V2 1600mm PNF Manual

Durafly Prime Tundra 1200mm RTF Manual

Durafly Prime Tundra 1200mm PNF Manual

Durafly Prime Tundra RTF Turnigy Radio Transmitter Manual

Avios C-130 V2 PNF Manual

H-King Reno Aces Lucky Gallon Corsair

Avios White KingTwin 1700mm PNF

Durafly 1100mm PNF Gloster Gladiator manual

Durafly 1100mm PNF Spitfire Mk2a manual


H-King Frenzy PNF Manual

H-King (PNF) Viper 64 (6S) EDF Jet w/64mm EDF (1000mm)