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Propeller Balance Stand

Propeller Balance Stand

Propeller Balance Stand

Using very low friction bearings, this stand is able to balance even the heaviest of blades. 

Length : 120mm

Width : 85mm

Height : 150mm


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Propeller Balance Stand
Using very low friction bearings, this stand is able to balance even the heaviest of blades. 
Length : 120mm
Width : 85mm
Height : 150mm
Balance almost any size propeller.


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Apparently "Balance almost any size propeller" doesn't mean 1045 plastic Props. The bearings do not spin when I place the prop on the balance and they only spin if I use my fingers. They do not spin freely. If you are going to get this you mush have one heck of an unbalanced/VERY HEAVY prop.

The little plastic pieces that hold the propeller on the rod also broke once I tried to fit my propeller on. They have a little O-Ring to make them stay on the rod and BOTH of them broke when I tried to fit them on the rod.

I guess I got what I payed for.
This works properly as intended and here is a hint about the stand. Make sure the bearings are not touching. Balanced all my 12-6 props just fine.
Decent stand there are some much better ones though.
It is very easy to assemble. Works exactly like any static wheel balancer.
But this product have some faulty designs and low quality bearings.
1) The bearing pair mounted very close that it touches between them.
you need to pull out a bit, making a reasonable gap.
2) The sliding cones are very loose, making it harder to hold the prop firmly.
3) The bearings are not good quality. I tried to lube it with wd40 but still lots of friction. Undo the bearing seals may reduce some of the friction.
Nice prop balancer, after you flush the heavy grease out of the bearings. I flushed mine with shotgun cleaner till they spun freely , then a few drops of light oil and it now works just fine . The grease that they use in the bearings is just to heavy .
Practically useless.

Assembled the balancer, oiled the bearings, run them through with my fingers, but they are so tight that even a purposefully unbalanced prop will not move, let alone a small, light diameter prop. Nothing in the entire assembly rotates without force. A waste of money. I should have paid $28 for one at the local hobby shop.
easy to set up and usefull
Lacks a bit of precision for small props. Good for 8in diameter and higher
Simples e funcional. Balanceia bem legal. Tenho e recomendo.
Shipped to my door in 6 days. Half the price of my local hobby shop. Works great on all my light weight electric props. No more annoying vibrations.
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