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Q Brain 4 x 20A Brushless Quadcopter ESC 2-4S 3A SBEC

Q Brain 4 x 20A Brushless Quadco...

The Q Brain provides the perfect power solution for your quadcopter by incorporating 4 x 20A ESCs into one single unit. This keeps the wiring very tidy and allows you to mount this unit in the middle of the frame instead of having to mount an ESC ...

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The Q Brain provides the perfect power solution for your quadcopter by incorporating 4 x 20A ESCs into one single unit. This keeps the wiring very tidy and allows you to mount this unit in the middle of the frame instead of having to mount an ESC on each arm.

With adjustable low-voltage protection, startup mode and motor timing, the Q Brain is not short on programming features. This and its ability to operate on 2~4S lipoly or 5~12 cells Ni-XX makes it a very versatile ESC.

The Q Brain keeps things simple by having all of the motor leads pre-installed and terminated with 3.5mm bullet connectors. There are 4 x signal leads (one with power) that will plug directly into your flight controller's ESC output ports. A throttle hub is also included for use in applications requiring the use of a shared throttle signal.

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• Convenient all-in-one ESC design
• 4 x 20A output
• Adjustable low-voltage protection
• Fully programmable

Input Voltage: 7.4~14.8V (2~4S lipoly)
Cont. Current: 20A x 4
Burst Current (10 sec): 25A x 4
BEC Type: Switching
BEC Output: 5V@3A
Motor Wire Length: 250mm
Dimensions: 70x62x11mm
Weight: 112g

This ESC is compatible with the Turnigy BESC Programming Card (sold separately). Please see related items below.


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Just received mine. Opened up the bag to smell that distinctive post magic smoke released smell. In other words it already smells cooked, straight out of the box! Still working out how to mount it to my Quadcopter as it doesn't have any mounting holes for screws. Looks like it requires double sided tape. Will be interesting to see if it works when I get it installed.
Just one power connection for all 4 motors, powerful BEC on one of the 4 inputs, weight a little less than 4 single 20 A ESC´s.
Great ESC for quad copter, fits neatly in small 250 and frees up the arms. no issues to report and gone through around 20-25 batteries so far. I did put the top can off to flash using BL Heli to get the one shot. not too hard to do and makes the quad feel more responsive.
Ive used the qbrain for two different setups. First to build a quadcopter with kk2 board, 3s battery and turnigy motors. Secondly to build a octocopter with multiwii 328p, hence its possible to run two qbrains together with two 3s batteries in parallel. Furthermore because of the increased arm lenght of the octocopter i needed to increase the lenght of the qbrain cables and this worked perfectly fine. There is multiple videos of how to calibrate and program the qbrain. I reccommend using your transmitter for the programming, its very simple and works right away. i used the turnigy 9x transmitter & 8x reciever
works without problems with naza! ! ! very convenient 4 in 1! no son of sauerkraut that go around the quad!
Great option for mid size builds (300-400mm). keeps things nice and neat and super easy to setup. A little bulky but weight is on par with 4 seperate esc's of same class. Used in the st360 and now putting into the dart400.
perfect for X580 frame
We use a TON of these. We use them for every quad we sell. Love 'em. Tho ONE way we've had one fail is to smash it to bits in violent crashes and that's really rare. They are built really tough.

The ony issue is figuring out how to calibrate them. But, once this is solved they're great.
I have both the 4x20 and the 4x25 and love them both. Wiring is nice and neat in my S500 frames and they are thin enough to fit perfectly between the top and bottom frame of the S500. The included hub makes throttle calibration a breeze. I have over 100 flights on each with zero problems so far. Using two with Pixhawk and one with a Naze32 flight controller with no setup problems.
The firmware it comes with was NOT good it made my motors shake and the throttle response was very slow. However, I learned that by soldering just a few wires to each of the individual ESCs inside of this unit, you can flash each one with BLHeli. By reading some forums it seems that the components used are of very high quality, and by looking on my own I can see that the build quality is very good, so I deemed it worthy of the effort of flashing new firmware... and WOW! It's amazing! If you have some spare servo connectors and wire, a soldering iron, and a couple of hours to spare, I HIGHLY recommend it. So, 3 stars overall because stock firmware wasn't good, but once flashed with BLHeli it works amazingly and seriously tidies up your build.
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