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Q282G Spaceship Hexacopter with 5.8G FPV

Q282G Spaceship Hexacopter with 5.8G FPV


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The Q282 Spaceship is the perfect compact FPV racer!

Whether it's at home, the office or in the backyard, if you want flying fun and the full FPV experience then this mini FPV hexacopter is hard to beat.  Packed with some awesome features the Q282 Spaceship is fast, responsive and with red hot looks, it's already a winner. 

With stable hovering and 5.8GHZ FPV for aerial imaging this really is a great first FPV mini multicopter.  Key to its FPV flying feature is its 720P HD camera that produces excellent images to make the entire FPV experience the most fun you've ever had with RC.

• Easy to control and shoot videos
• 5.8G FPV system, 720P camera can take 1280x720P pictures
• Headless Mode
• One key "return to home" function
• 3D Tumbling/Flips
• 6 axis gyro for stability
• Super lightweight mini airframe 
• 2.4Ghz technology
• LED lighting

Flight Duration: Approx 8 Minutes
Remote Control Distance: Within 100 meters
Recharging Time: Approx 90mins
Battery For Quadcopter: 3.7V 500mAh(included)
Battery For Transmiter: 6 x AA Battery (not included)
Dimension: 137 x 130 x 50mm

1 x Q282 Hexacopter
1 x 2.4Ghz Transmitter
1 x 5.8Ghz 4.3inch monitor
1 x 3.7V 500mAh Lipo Battery
2 x USB Charger
4 x Spare Propeller



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playlist_add_check Overall
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verified_user Quality
Overall quality is not that impressive, but given the price (it was £40 for me, delivery included) it is worth every penny.

1. Highly maneuverable and stable.
2. Crash resistant.
3. RTF out of the box at an unlivable price (FPV included).

1. Camera angle isn't wide, very difficult to fly FPV indoors.
2. Needs mods to fly FPV (see below).
3. Range isn't that great, maybe 50m with the mod.
4. Flight time is up to 4 minutes, but I guess you can always buy spare batteries.

Mods needed to fly FPV:
1. Build a bigger, longer monitor protector. I've made one out of cardboard. The monitor brightness isn't that good and it's impossible to fly FPV outdoors w/o this mod.
2. Open the hexa and slightly tilt the FPV camera upwards, otherwise you will only see the ground while FFF.
3. Make a small hole in the canopy and raise the RX antenna straight up. This will give more slightly more range to fly.
*search on youtube, there is tutorial for how to do #2 and #3.

Conclusion: Once you'll get used to this toy, you will love it, but if you have a radio and ground FPV gear, go for QX90 - also available at HK.
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verified_user Quality
verified_user Quality
playlist_add_check Overall
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It fly wonderful,camera make good pictures and movies and the price is verry good.
verified_user Quality
playlist_add_check Overall
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playlist_add_check Overall
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verified_user Quality
I just received this little drone and have made a few test flights, these are my initial impressions. The drone itself is very stable and holds its heading very well, I haven't pushed the performance envelope too much yet but seems quite responsive. The recorded video quality is very good, haven't tried still photos yet.
Now the negative points. A minor issue but I had to melt a small notch in the fuselage above the battery tray so that the power wires could be pulled out of the way for the battery to be inserted. The main weakness so far has been the FPV screen, it failed to power up after being charged for two hours, some troubleshooting determined that the problem is with the power switch, likely a 0.10 part !! I dripped some isopropol alcohol into the switch and this got it working but had to do this again the next day. I plan to get some contact cleaner from work and try that to see if it will correct the problem. If still no joy then I will replace the switch. Also noted that the screen is not very bright and will be hard to see outdoors. I still have to test the range as I have heard that this may also be less than advertised.
Final thoughts, I got this on sale for U$40 and with free shipping so I am still happy with the purchase, probably not as much had it cost me the regular ~U$120.
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verified_user Quality
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. 15 .

fpv 5..

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