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Quanum 3-Axis Mobius Camera Based Gimbal

Quanum 3-Axis Mobius Camera Based Gimbal


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The guys over at Quanum have set the bench mark high yet again for performance, quality and price point by producing this high quality 3-Axis brushless camera gimbal specially designed for use with Mobius type action cameras.

It is a fully molded construction which is glass filled providing lightweight, strength and durability. This gimbal has a quick release rail mount to ensure that your setup time is keep to a minimum. The rail comes with attachment slots that allow it to fit DJI Phantom, Quantum Nova, CX20, XK 380 and others.

The AlexMos controller with Basecam (simple BGC) gives precision control to the gimbal and comes calibrated and pre-configured from the factory.  It can also be easily customized by you to your requirements.

The Basecam graphic interface software and direct USB link makes this gimbal controller straightforward for beginners to use. In addition, the software can be used to configure the BGC for complete axis lock or the popular “follow” mode.

For a full list of features and firmware support check out the manual under the files tab below or check out

Basecam has a huge on-line support community with how-to videos and forums for tuning and creative ideas.

All cables (power, video and audio out) for the Mobius camera are already built into the gimbal for ease of use.

Already factory calibrated this gimbal requires very little setup, simply mount the rail on to the bottom of your multi rotor, slide on the gimbal, install your mobius camera and you are good to go.

• Lightweight, strong, durable construction
• Compact size
• 3-axis gimbal optimized for Mobius camera
• Quick release rail mount
• AlexMos controller with Basecam (factory pre-configured)
• Live video out and power cables for the camera
• Stylish black color fully molded, glass filled construction
• Included Adaptor for install the gimbal to DJI multirotor vehicle.
• USB cable connected
• Gimbal comes factory calibrated. (User can re-calibrate themselves.)

Operating voltage: DC 9~18V (recommended 12V, 3S LiPoly battery)
Operating current: 500mA~600mA (depends on voltage supplied and motor power)
Operating temperature: -15°C~65°C
Sensor: 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer
Control accuracy: 0.02°
3-Axis Control Range: Roll +/- 150 degree, Pitch +/- 45 degree, Yaw +/- 360 degree
X,Y axis: 18 series motors
Z axis: 22 series motor
Mounting Rail: 30~50mm apart screws (supplied)
Weight: 200g (with Mobius camera)

Quanum 3-Axis Mobius Gimbal
Spare thimbles for vibration isolation


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I had mine for some time now and got to fly and use it a bit. Although it's made mostly of plastic, it's fairly good quality plastic. The control board is an actual AlexMos board, so no cheap clone to give you unpredictable performance when you least expect it.
Needless to say it fits perfectly on the Nova Pro, although since I'm using the retractable landing gear, not retracting at the moment since I actually need them to attach my VTX onto something and the legs are just perfect for this, the gimbal fits a bit tight on the bottom board and covers most of the connector pins so much that I cannot plug my micro-USB anymore but that's a minor annoyance since I have my 433MHz telemetry to connect to the drone, so no big deal.
It came fairly well calibrated, although the follow mode was deactivated but after tweaking a little bit I have it working just fine. It's not an exact plug&play but almost. I tried both in a free spinning yaw and with the follow mode for the third axis and I can say with pretty good confidence that the follow mode is more useful and intuitive whereas the free-yaw mode does have some benefits, especially if you switch to speed control rather than position control on the knob that you select for the yaw axis. The roll axis I left opened, with only the stabilization provided by the gimbal. So if you switch to speed control for the yaw axis then you'll probably need to mount an FPV camera as well just to make sure you know which were you'r going because the speed control or the non-follow mode will leave you wondering which way am I going and this can be disorienting.
The gimbal motors do get hot during stationary testing but it's never the case when flying.
Overall I'm rather pleased and surprised that it works, the footage is almost professional-looking, all it's left is the operator's experience.
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verified_user Quality
verified_user Quality
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Not calibrated at all ~~~ I did.

and manual said firmware version is SimpleBGC_GUI_2_40b7 but installed version is below.
so upgraded and calibrated again
verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
I think this is a excellent product. The board is a valid Basecam board, not a clone. It is very easy to update and recalibrate. Yes, the firmware is several versions back but it functioned perfectly out of the box. You really don't need to update. I was interested in having it function as a 2 axis gimbal (static yaw) and achieved that easily by downloading the management software and then disabled the Yaw motor in advanced settings. I then taped the yaw motor so it wouldn't move. Additionally, I ordered this from China and got it with DHL express in 4 days! I live in small city in California. This wasn't a fluke because I liked this gimbal so much I ordered a second one two weeks later to modify it for my other camera, a Runcam, and it arrived in 3 days. I'm not kidding. I already have the Turnigy 2 axis gimbal and this 3 Axis gimbal is a MUCH better deal and MUCH EASIER to program and update. Highly recommended in my opinion if you have a Mobius.
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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
This is a good product from a hardware quality point of view, but it requires a lot of work and expertise to get it to function. As delivered, it has old firmware, which you can update reasonably easily using the small paper instructions. After that, to get it to function as a 3 axis gimbal, you need to download the gimbal controller manual (which is hard to understand) and spend a lot of time on rcgroups forum and trying things out to make it work. My unit initially would only work as a 2 axis gimbal but after much work, it now functions as a 3 axis gimbal in an inverted configuration. Hobbyking: this is another product where just a bit more work would make it a "5 crown" product. Write a proper manual, show how to set it up as a simple 3 axis gimbal using the software, and then refer people to the expert board manual for anything complicated, and you have a great product.
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  • Quanum 3 Axis Mobius Gimbal

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