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Quanum AXE FPV 180 Racing Frame Billet Block 3mm Carbon (Kit)

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Quanum AXE FPV 180 Racing Frame Billet Block 3mm Carbon (Kit)

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Quanum AXE FPV 180 Racing Frame

The Quanum AXE, is 180mm frame of tree smacking durability, using the “billet block” design of one piece solid 3.5mm carbon plate. It’s strong where you need it and refined to fit the go to gear.

The small unique frame design tapers at the ends to allow for 4” propellers and still leaves plenty of room for all your electronics. The built in FPV camera mount is already leaning back ready for all the speed you can pump into it.

This would be great for a Cleanflight or CC3D compatible micro flight controller. Power can come from 1806~2206 motors.

The AXE frame is extremely easy to build and is tough enough to keep you going even after smacking a few trees.

• Small wheelbase 180mm
• Tough 3.0mm carbon fiber lower frame
• Perfect for Cleanflght or CC3D compatible micro flight controllers
• Lean back camera mount
• Extremely lightweight
• Fits 4” propellers
• Fits 1806~2206 motors

Wheelbase: 180mm
Dimensions: 152 x 168 x 45mm
Bare Weight: 74g

1 x Quanum AXE Frame
1 x Build Manual

1 x 1300~1400mAh 3S LiPoly Battery
4 x 1806 or 2206 Brushless motors
4 x 4" propellers (CW, CCW) 
1 x Flight Controller
4 x ESC’s
1 x Power Distribution Board
1 x 5-6 channel RX/TX
1 x FPV package (optional)

  • Quanum AXE FPV Racing Frame
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razvan | Verified Buyer

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Jan 23, 2018

I purchase 3 pcs when arrived i realize that the FC dont fit, i had to drill the frame.
Not compatible with 1806 motors, only if you use in 2 screws.
Overall its a good compromise for 4$ cant complain.

Jo | Verified Buyer

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Jan 09, 2018

You'll just receive a bottom plate (3 mm, carbon), a top plate (1,5 mm, fiberglas), a unadjustable camera plate (1,5 mm, fibreglas, tilted at ~110°) with a 15,5 mm lens hole and a set of upper/lower plate screws and red stands. Thats all.
As others wrote before, a normal 36 mm x 36 mm FC like a Holybro Kakute F4 AIO won't fit until you drill yourself some holes or stick it to the bottom plate with some foam tape. Motors even won't fit if they have an bolt hole spacing with like 12 mm x 16 mm.
I'm not that fully satisfied.

Dangerman | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Jul 03, 2016

Honestly I am disappointed even though I got the Axe 180 at half price. While its a nice strong frame the mounting options are terrible! It does not take 18XX motors at all as the mounts are for 3mm bolt not 2mm. It also cannot take a standard 36x36mm control board as the mounting X is smaller then the 30.5mm that is needed. I had to mount the PDB on vibration tape and mount the control board to that. I would recommend the Diatone Lizard 180 or Kim 180 instead which are both less and 100pcnt carbon. Sure this has an interesting shape but so does the Lizard 180.

dtm360 | Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

May 03, 2016

Nice quad, shame it comes with fibreglass upper deck and camera plate. How to buy the carbon option! make sure you order in the same order! The bottom plate is 3mm, not the 3.5mm as quoted in the description. It's fine for a 180, but it would have been much better if it was the quoted 3.5mm!

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