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Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set with Monitor (KIT)

Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set with M...

Quanum is bringing FPV to the masses with the DIY FPV Goggle kit! It’s time you start flying RC with a birds eye view and a sense of flight. Until now, an immersive FPV experience through goggles was out of reach for some. No longer is a cos...

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Quanum is bringing FPV to the masses with the DIY FPV Goggle kit! It’s time you start flying RC with a birds eye view and a sense of flight. Until now, an immersive FPV experience through goggles was out of reach for some. No longer is a cost a barrier between you and the blue sky above.

The Quanum FPV goggle kit is based around a custom built 4.3in NON-blue screen monitor, providing a clear, bright, non blue image in even the worst of conditions. It contains a custom Fresnel lens, making the monitor crystal clear with a minimal viewing distance.  An ergonomic housing was custom molded to house the monitor and the lens, with adaptability to cater to various face types. The molded housing is made from EPP foam allowing you to carve and adjust the fit just right to your face and finishing it off with foam strips for a light tight seal. The goggles come with adjustable securing side straps and provisions for even a top strap. The top housing has a molded curved top for the option of attaching the goggle to the brim of your favorite ball cap for an even more custom DIY fit.

The monitor uses the common RCA style video in connections for video and audio, and has an included mini JST power adapter as well. The goggles can be switched between 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios and comes with 3 lenses included to find the most comfortable FPV viewing experience for you. 

With the Quanum DIY google’s large screen and broad immersive viewing angle, some will even prefer the view to other FPV options. The DIY kit is perfect to get into FPV or if you’re a seasoned FPV pilot who wants to give a bigger screen a try for a new feel in the sky. You could even use them as back up goggles or ride along goggles for spectators!

*Check out the build video by clicking here*

Monitor screen: NON-Blue screen custom TFT LCD
Screen size: 4.3in (16:9 or 4:3 switchable)
Format: PAL/NTSC supported
Supply voltage: 7~13V
Resolution: 480px (w)
Fresnel lens: 3X and 4X included
Size: 140x95x120mm
Weight: 195g

*Note: This is the viewing goggles only, and needs to be paired with your favorite Video receiver, transmitter and camera for the full FPV experience.


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I only wanted the small screen you use with a ground station, great screen for that use.
nice monitor easy to fit to the face i recommend using the glove gives it just that little bit ekstra comfort
Excellent product. Im more than happy with my quanum v1. If you buy the quanum v2 upgrade glove, then itll be amazing.
I owned Fatshark Dominator v2 but i sold them and bought this instead and i have to say i like this much better. Screen is ALOT Bigger than fatshark wich i thought had too small screens. i also had 7" inch monitor before but outside in the light i had problem to see the screen.

Damn awesome googles
I can't use them for my self, my glasses will not fit and i can't take my glasses of im about blind. ,, I use the V2 for my self,, But these Work great for my kids to watch while I fly with my V2's ... they just use the Rca to plug into video and add a battery :) For the Price ya Cant go Wrong... I even made my Own pouch / harness for them like what the V2 has.. easy to do with a little cloth and needle. They have my thumbs up !
Ottimo rapporto qualit prezzo, naturalmente la qualit non il massimo ma per 30 non si puo' pretendere di meglio, fa onestamente il suo lavoro, sufficiente per la visione FPV.
5 stars for sure! The only gripe I have is that none of the lenses have any identification on them, so you gotta see what works for you. Other than that.. perfect for first time FPV!
Great value for a really nice FPV setup. The screen is of surprisingly good quality and truely doesn't blue out for anything! Assembly is straight forward, 30mins at most, and all components fit as expected. I used black electrical tape rather than glue to secure both halves in case the lens needs to be changed. Also do not connect the white RCA plug as this, in my case, replaced the image with static when ARMing the quad and above IDLE. Happy Flying!
Excellent kit for the money, you cant go wrong with this goggle kit. If its your first or as a spare.
the best you can buy for only 30 bucks is amazing you can enjoy and have fun with the smallest price you can the stand is very solid and good and light
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