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Quanum GPS Logger V2 with Backlit LCD Display NEO-6 U-Blox

Quanum GPS Logger V2 with Backli...

We have all heard the “fishing stories” out at the field and on the track, “My RC car does 120mph” or “My ducted fan accelerates going vertical!”…well, it’s time to prove it!

The Quanum G...

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We have all heard the “fishing stories” out at the field and on the track, “My RC car does 120mph” or “My ducted fan accelerates going vertical!”…well, it’s time to prove it!

The Quanum GPS Logger V2 Is a stand-alone device that Packs the power of a U-BLOX NEO-6 GPS receiver, and records everything from; distance traveled, start and end positions, UTC time stamps, course and speed…and the infamous MAX speed the logger reached. The data can be viewed on the integrated backlit LCD or the NEMA data can be downloaded to a PC and plotted out on map sites such as Google Earth. To save weight the logger gets its power from a spare channel from your receiver so no additional battery is needed.

There are endless uses, from finding your model's maximum speed and utilizing the hard-data to refine your set-up, and of course there is provable bragging rights you could flaunt around on youtube! Heck, you could even attach a small battery pack and drop it in your kids backpack and see if they really went to the library after school or not…The Quanum GPS Logger is just one of those tools you should just have in your tool box for when hard-data is better than your calibrated eyeball.

Receiver: NEO-6M U-BLOX
Frequency: L1, 1575.42 MHz, C/A Code
Channels: 50
Max Speed Recording: 1000km/h
Sensitivity: -161 dBm (Tracking & Navigation)
Accuracy: 2.5 m (GPS), 2.0 m (SBAS)
Cold Start: 27 s approx.
Navigation: UTC date and time, geographic coordinates, time, speed, course
Logging: geographic coordinates, date and time, speed, course, distance (up to 100km)
Logging time: >1000 hours
Logging ON/OFF Control: Manual, RC (1520us)
Indicator: LCD, 2*16 with backlit
Control: menu/page, enter
Voltage: 4.5V ~ 6.5V
Current: 80mA typical
Size: 24 x 77 x 18mm
Weigh: 43g

*Note: To download the NMEA file to your computer for history mapping, you will need a standard RS-232 cable - not included. All other information can be viewed via the integrated LCD and menu.


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Very good for cars and boats, not much for airplanes as it is not reading highness. This means that it will register only the projection of speed (and distance) on an orizontal plane I.E. in a perfectly vertical dive the registered speed will be zero, but I am pretty sure that your model will not agree with that reading when it will touch the ground.
good value I hope. Not easy to use but you get used to the limited interface
Works as described. First GPS lock took me a while to get, but since then it seems to do it pretty quickly. Great for just getting max speed, it's a pity HK don't sell a USB cable to suit this, you need to make your own (there are files in the international files section).
Work nice. Good size, easy to use. Nice little unit.
No more fooling around with mobilephone apps.
Its a excellent product, easy to use and its totally what i expected!
Fr den Preis unschlagbar, die Genauigkeit z.B. des Speedtest's ist ausreichend gut.
Speziell fr kleine Modelle praktisch, da geringes Gewicht und Abmae
Preis Leistungs Verhltnis stimmt.

Arbeitet genau. Habe nur geringe Abweichung von der errechneten Geschwindigkeit.
Garbage, powers up says searching and then nothing happens. Gets very hot on the back. Times out after 5 minutes to show a Menu and no data.

Rubbish, luckily got a refund under warranty but have to cough up postage again if I want it and they've just jacked up the price.
I have tried for weeks to get an answer from HK about how to download the logs, like the description says you can. I can connect it to my PC, but there is no program supplied to download the logs. HK support are useless their only answer is "return it for a refund" I am sure this could be made to work as described if only someone at HK would pull their finger out and do something about finding a program to interface with the PC. I am sick of waiting, looks like I'll just have to settle for the refund. Without any program, its a great max speed indicator, but it isn't a GPS Logger, and you cant put it in your childs schoolbag to see where they have been, and the NMEA data can't be downloaded to a PC and plotted out on map sites such as Google Earth. Pull your finger out HK and SUPPORT your products.
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