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Quanum NEON 250 V2 Carbon Race Frame Kit With LEDs

Quanum NEON 250 V2 Carbon Race Frame Kit With LEDs

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470 g

The Quanum NEON 250 V2 has been upgraded with thicker carbon fiber plates (1.5mm) giving extra strength and durability. Like the previous version the NEON incorporates all the necessities, luxuries and insanity you could ever want in a full carbon racing exoskeleton.

The Neon Has Cyborg looks trending away from the average plate stacked frames of last season. And a lower profile adds strength while improving CG mass for crisp control.

The Neon was built for racing and engineered from the start for durability, made from full carbon, the stacks are mounted close together with ample CNC hardware, making this a flying fortress…With fully enclosed motor guards and battery compartment. All components are housed internally for full exoskeleton protection from the hardest hits. The front and back have CNC frosted LED diffusers for a NEON style glow well zooming around the course. The front supports a in frame FPV camera up to 30mm. The frame stacks are spaced at just 10mm for torsional strength but leaves plenty of room for ESC, FC, FPV gear and more.

The Quanum NEON is a show stopper on looks, Quality, Durability and FPV Insanity.

• Front and rear CNC LED diffusers for a NEON glow effect
• Carbon Plate construction with Low Profile Exoskeleton strength
• Protected motor Arm design and battery compartment
• Wide range of motors and props up to 22 series and 6inch props
• CNC hardware for weight savings

Wheelbase: 250mm
Weight: 155g
motors: 1806~2206 (12~19mm mounting)
Props: 5~6 inch
ESC: 10~20A
FPV Cam: up to 31x13mm
LED: Blue front Red rear 

4 x Motors 1806~2208
1 x Battery 800~1500mah 2~4s
4 x Propellers up to 6in
4 x ESC’s 10~20A
1 x multi-rotor Flight controller
4ch radio (6ch recommended for FPV and FC use)
FPV gear (optional)


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Overall a cool design, but lots of little pieces and no instructions. Thankfully it's been out a while and there are some build guides online. 5 for value because these were on special for ~$11AUD so i bought two and overcame the issues with the sturdiness of the frame by stacking two of each base plate.
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verified_user Quality
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i bought 2 of these and they are awesome, i used black widows 2500kv motors w/ 6030 props for the first one, and flipped the second one and added luminier angled motor mounts with 2205 2350kv motors and 30 amp raptor esc's and oh... my... god... I love this setup.
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verified_user Quality
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3 stars down the line, but never have I wished harder I could give a frame more starts. The design engineering behind this Flying Robot frame is outstanding (not really a quanum frame). However someone in the chain of commands opted for very thin 1.5mm carbon fiber, and very weak standoffs that strip easily making it impossible to tighten the necessary components. As a result two things happen very easily after a few crashes. 1) the frame becomes loose, and 2) the CF breaks.

Sollution - buy two frames, and double up everything. You will need to buy longer screws, and if you go with something like m2x8mm or even m2x10mm they will go much deeper into the standoffs and make it harder to strip them, but replacing the standoffs is still ideal. So for $16 plus shipping gets you up to about $25 most places, you will have a great frame. But as it is currently it is a frame that will break before almost every other fpv frame out there.
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