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Quanum Venture FPV Quad-Copter 430mm (Frame Only Version)

Quanum Venture FPV Quad-Copter 4...

The Quanum Venture FPV Quadcopter Frame. It's time to Explore More.

The Venture FPV Quad started life as a H-quad giving the camera a forward unobstructed view of the sky ahead, as well as allowing for optimal equipment separation t...

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The Quanum Venture FPV Quadcopter Frame. It's time to Explore More.

The Venture FPV Quad started life as a H-quad giving the camera a forward unobstructed view of the sky ahead, as well as allowing for optimal equipment separation to minimise video transmission interfererence & perfect flight controller positioning. With a layout decided, a sleek purpose built molded frame was forged with an aluminum main spar and unibody strengthening. All the best provisions were taken into consideration, making the Venture the best FPV cross platform frame available with options and provisions beyond any other Quad in its class.

The Venture frame has a center spar to which most components attach. The ESC mount/power distribution board with filtered FPV power lines also handles the centerline battery mounting. The Multi-mount FC position and Power module support can handle your choice of FC and remote UBEC/USB modules. The cross arms allow for in-tube wiring and the motor mounts not only look good, but protect the motor and have replaceable/optional landing skid options. The front arm mount houses a protected center camera mounting cube that can handle 30mm and smaller FPV cameras with vibration isolation pads. The lower molded unibody shell attaches to the arms and spar and has provisions for universal gimbal mounting and tall skids as an option. The Lower shell also has a rigid top cross roll bar/GPS mount and a mounting cube for the FPV transmitter. The upper shell is vacuum formed poly carbonate for a balance in weight and strength and lends well to customizing. Access ports have been made for all types of gear so maintenance is a snap.

The Venture is a refined evolution of multi-rotor DNA, and closes the gap with cross use without compromise.

Note: This is a frame only kit. No electronics.

• Unibody and spar construction
• Quad esc mounting/PDB with filter FPV power
• Protected stylish Motor Mounts
• Universal gimbal mounting and tall skid options
• Provisions for all types of equipment pre-molded
• Styled looks with true functionality

Wheelbase: 430mm
Weight: 440g
Max prop: 10inch
FC mounting: Universal plate and 45mm
Power Distribution: Mounting for 20~30A esc
FPV camera mount: 30mm and smaller
FPV TX mount: 31x42mm
Gimbal Mounting: 45mm square and 40mm centerline

Required Parts:
2212 920kv MultiStar motors x 4
20A Afro ESC x 4
8 inch props
2200~3300 3s battery
5ch radio
FPV gear


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well worth the dollar I payed for it during the 7 deadly wins sale
Frame is is ok I wish it was more durable.
Excellent completed Maiden flight today ... Naza m lite (flashed to v2) afro 20amp ESC's, 2212/920kv motors from BG Pops Dji style 945's . Multistar 5200 lipo .... 20 mins with power still left ... using default settings on Naza flew great very smooth quite zippy and manuverable very impressed with first flight ... As somone else said if you into quadcopters you wont regret this frame ... FPV though as its not easy to see when going fast flying by sight !
I would not recommend for beginner but as follow on from 450 X quad brilliant ...
Oh had thread strip when screwing in one bolt ..(not critical) but irritating ... hence quality 4 stars. I would buy another .... Oh I left U/C off ... doesnt need it .
Got it for spare parts for my Venture. Everything is good, except for the center (main) rod - it is a bit thinner than the original, so I had to put some tape on both the ends, so that the plastic heads can mount. Other than that - the bolts are made of butter and very very easily damaged, which leads to some lovely moments of having to either cut them out or call upon dark powers to remove them...

P.S. I'd love to see a higher class (more expensive for sure) carbon and higher quality material Venture frame!
Cuando vi en hobbyking este frame me gusto desde el principio, as que me decid a montar uno, y teniendo en cuenta que es mi primer cuadricoptero, estaba bastante perdido.
Al poco tiempo llego a casa, junto con unos motores MT2213-935KV MultiStar Combo 10x4.5 CW/CCW. La calidad del frame est bien, pero bajo mi perspectiva es un frame delicado, para volar tranquilo, y sin arriesgar mucho ya que salvo los brazos y el esqueleto que son de aluminio, son todo piezas de plstico, lo cual puede ser un problema en un aterrizaje duro.
El primer problema en el montaje fue por que los cables de los motores eran demasiado cortos para que llegaran a los variadores, con lo cual tuve que comprar cables para alargarlos, algo que deberia venir con el frame.
Yo opt por ponerle la Naza Lite, y es un sistema muy estable.
My review of this quad after assembling a mini Pixhawk FC, 4 Emax 2213, 4 ESC Afro 30A, a FPV 700TVL cam and a 3DR telemetry kit 433mhz:
- nice materials
- assembly not well clarified
- limited and short free battery space for a 5000mah or more
Battery dimensions (wide high) can't exceed 34x30 mm. A 5000 is around 49x26 mm.
Its possible to put a bigger battery but with no covers at the top but you must to find other way to the GPS mount.
- too heavy in the end
It seems when I put the 4000mah battery the quad should be within the 2 to 2,5 kg of weight. A 2200mah lipo is sucked in 4 minutes !!!
My first review of this was recently deleted it seems. I bought this when it was $59.99. After realizing the frame's central bar was botched in manufacturing in that all the mounting points for the main board were stripped and larger than any of the supplied screws, I tried working around it with decent results using epoxy. That said, a $60 frame should not have such poor quality control results. After assembling, I quickly realized that although the frame is built around the Naza-M flight controllers, both my Naza-M Lite and V2 performed badly with this frame. In both cases, during full forward flight the quad inexplicably would yaw left and dive turn. Balanced everything that spins but no change. props..nothing helped. This has been widely reported by other users of this frame. Cannot say I recommend this to anyone.
This copter has yaw problems, it is fitted with NAZA and configured correctly, but when the throttle is pushed fast the craft elevates and viers of to one side. in addition when yawing from hover, one side goes fast and one side you have to fight it to get round, so when flying the handling is all over the place. The naza unit is good as it worked with two other craft, i have no fault light , configured correctly and compass calibrated. I did find the motors slightly forward or backwards in their mounting holes and there was 2-3 deg difference from manufacture assembly, these were leveled with a spirit level. The craft still yaws uncontrollably and does not fly good?
crooked frame, fragile but all parts included. so...4 start
Just completed building my 3rd one of these, I have used 20A hobbywing esc and 935kv motors running on a 3000mA battery with 10 inch props. Im getting 15 minute flights at normal speeds 50-80pcnt throttle. Great stable frame and the best looking 450 size quadcopter frame available. I wish there were spares available but i can't even get a reply to my requests when i ask so i guess i will have to buy a 4th just to keep for parts (that was the plan with the 3rd one).
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  • Quanum Venture FPV Quad-Copter 430mm

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