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RCGF 20cc Gas engine w/ CD-Ignition 2.2HP/1.64kw

RCGF 20cc Gas engine w/ CD-Ignit...

With its easy starting characteristics and reliable low-maintenance running the RCGF 20cc is an excellent engine. RCG engines have proven themselves the world over for quality and reliability.

• Easy starting...

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With its easy starting characteristics and reliable low-maintenance running the RCGF 20cc is an excellent engine. RCG engines have proven themselves the world over for quality and reliability.

• Easy starting
• Low maintenance
• High quality and reliability
• DA style ported head
• Walbro type diaphragm carburetor with butterfly valve
• CDI Computer controlled auto advance ignition system

Displacement: 20cc
Max Power: 2.2HP @ 9,800RPM
Bore/Stroke: 32x25mm
Compression ratio: 7.5:1
Weight: 920g with ignition and muffler
RPM: 1,500~9,800RPM
Ignition: DC-CDI computer controlled auto advance system
Spark Plug: CM6
Carburetor: Walbro type with manual choke
Suggested Prop: 16x6~16x8~17x7 2 blade
Fuel: Oil/gas mix (25:1 for break-in 40:1 for general use)

Test results;
16x6 JXF wood propeller 9900rpm
16x8 JXF wood propeller 8600rpm
17x7 JXF wood propeller 8200rpm

Please note: HobbyKing has a very good relationship with RCG, ensuring all our engines are top quality and well machined. Warranty repairs and returns are also resolved swiftly.




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Great gas engine, very easy starting and setup
Muy potente para su cilindrada! ralenti y transision rapida, una vez rodado facil para arrancar! Exelente para projectos 120 o 1/4 de escala. El unico detalle es la mariposa de cebar que se encontraba decentrada. Motor de muy buena calidad por el precio!
these are excellent engines. very easy starting reliable idle and far better than DLE engines of the same size. I have 3, and they all work far better than the DLE equivilant
Fonctionne correctement aprs tarage du carbu
Gran motore,l'ho montato su un Cesena cardinal da 2200 mm,vola che una meraviglia
Great value , these motors run well and are cheap to run with smooth running and plenty of power :)
the finish on the motor is pretty good the magnet issue has been solved by and pinching the magnet in the flywheel casing mine started up on the third flip settings from the factory were good ran fine overall very very happy with the motor
great running engine
5 Crowns across the board! Fantastic little powerhouse! I have this engine on my BlackHorse 60 size P-36 Hawk, not sure of the weight but its heavy with 10 servos total, and it pulls this plane like crazy. Amazing vertical performance, swinging a 16X8 Valley View wood prop at 8,100 RPM (15X8 at 8,400 RPM) with a steady smooth 1900 to 2000 RPM idle. I recommend easing into the run in procedure beyond the manual stated 20 minutes at 2,500 RPM to ease into WOT operation, just my opinion, and am running 32:1 mix. Main mixture screw a fraction over two turns open, and the idle screw at 1 3/4 open after a half gallon of 93 octane fuel so far. This engine is such a great deal, I just bought another. I have the RCG15 cc too, and it kicks but as well, but I just love this engine and for 50.00 to 100.00 less than most other brands. The muffler provides a very throaty sound and overall just an awesome value. Thanks HK!
Started no problem out of the box only thing is with the can muffler it is Very noisy with my sound meter it was giving Over 100db much to loud for me to fly at the club .
I have ordered a pits from the global warehouse .
Bit silly not selling them at the UK warehouse where I got the engine from.
I will let you know what the test is when run.
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