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Receiver Switch (3 plug) Suits JR/Futaba

Receiver Switch (3 plug) Suits J...

Receiver Switch (3 plug) Suits JR/Futaba

Battery Socket: Futaba/JR
Rx Plug: JR
Charge Plug: JR


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Receiver Switch (3 plug) Suits JR/Futaba

Battery Socket: Futaba/JR
Rx Plug: JR
Charge Plug: JR


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Very little resistance to movement, I wouldn't trust these on an IC model as they just do not lock on or off. I bought two, they are going straight in the bin.
Gut und zweckmaessig. Genialer Preis
A nice switch with the convenience of a charging plug at a great price.
En apariencia es un buen interruptor.Tiene la posibilidad de cargar la bateria sin necesidad de desconectarla, lo que es muy comodo. El cambio de posicion ON a OFF es muy suave y seguro. Lo malo es que cuando se ha utilizado mucho los contactos se hacen tan blandos que el paso de una a la otra posicion es muy facil, lo que hace que debido a vibraciones durante el vuelo y estar tan suave pueda pasar a OFF de una forma indeseada.La causa es por la debilidad de los contactos internos que habria que reforzarlos.

I've used this switch on my plane and it has been working great so far. I've got more then 50 flights with it!
Gewicht 9,64g,

Schalterkasten 25,7x10,3x14,3mm

Schieberteil 4,6x3,8x10,8mm

Kabel ca. 15cm
This switch assembly is okay but I have definitely used better.The problem that I see with this switch is the detent itself.This switch moves way too easily between the on and off position with little to no resistance.Under certain high vibration conditions,it would be possible to envision the switch moving off of its set contacts and losing connection with your power source.If the detent had more spring resistance to it to assure of a positive lock in either the "on" or "off" position,this would be a descent switch.I was going to install it in a 60 size Sea Dancer but have since changed my mind because of this concern and I'll look for a switch assembly with a better lock out than this one.JMO.
Sturdy, well made and at a fraction of the price at your local hobby shop. Highly recommended.
only using this switch for a seperate power supply for my retracts
J'aime tous super
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