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Longing LY-250 FPV Drone (Mode 2) (RTF)

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Longing LY-250 FPV Drone (Mode 2) (RTF)

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Longing LY-250 FPV Drone (Mode 2) (RTF)

The LY-250 Drone is a new style of FPV racing drone from Longing. The LY-250 comes with everything you need for FPV flying. The drone is completely built and has a remote controller as well as a camera and LCD monitor for viewing your flight.

The frame is made of highly resistant PC material and the arms use a “N” beam type structure for strength. All this is covered with an aerodynamically designed black and red shell giving a unique look.

Under the hood is a powerful 32bit high-speed processor to control your flight. A high precision 6-axis gyroscopic sensor and barometric sensor, together with a highly intelligent attitude calculation subroutine, results in a highly stable and reliable performance.  All this comes on a PDB with built-in 12A ESCs.

To get the power you want there are four high torque, high speed, low power consumption, low temperature, high endurance 2204-2300KV brushless motors driving 6” propellers. All giving a max speed of 110km/h.

This drone comes standard with a matched FPV system. The 420TVL camera has a 120 deg FOV and comes in a mount that can be tilted to your requirements. Live video is broadcast at 60fps via 5.8GHz link to the 7” LCD monitor with zero latency to ensure you can see where you’re going and giving stunning pictures and video.

Depending on your mood and how you want to fly the drone can easily be switched between three different flight modes: self-stabilization mode, 3D flight mode, and full manual mode. There is also an alarm system with a buzzer to let you know when the battery is low so you know when to land your drone and avoid crashing.

What an excellent drone to get you into FPV flying!

• Highly resistant outer shell of PC material
• Modular design for easy maintenance
• Lightweight body, 20-30% lower weight than competitor products
• N type beam structure by PROE to provide strength
• Well balanced 6040 propellers
• Three Flight Mode: self-stabilization mode, 3D flight mode, full manual mode
• Alarm System, live flight data and battery status display, with a buzzer
• Real time video, zero latency
• 7” LCD display
• Remote controller (Mode 2)

Quadcopter Specs:
Wheelbase: 250 mm
Weight (including battery and propellers): 398g
Max Speed: 110 km/h
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level: 6000m
Default altitude limit: 120m above takeoff point
Propeller: 6040 (CW/CCW)
Motor: 2204-2300KV Brushless
ESC: 12A
Battery: 3.7V 2500mAh x2 Li-ion Smart Battery

Camera Specs:
Video & Image Max Size: 648 x 488
Focal Length: 1.8

Lens Specs:
FOV: 120Deg
Filter: IR Infrared Ray Jamming-proof
Aperture: F2.0

Video Tx Specs:
Transmission Rate: 60fps /NTSC
Max transmission range: 800m

Led Backlit LCD Display Specs:
Size: 7 inch
Power: 6.5W DC 12V
System: NTSC/PAL (auto convert)
Resolution: 800*480 RGB
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
Net weight: 255g

Remote Controller Specs:
Operating Frequency: 2.405 GHz - 2.475GHz
Max Distance: 1km
Operating Temperature: -15°C- 40°C
Battery: 2500 mAh Li-ion 2S
Number of Channels: 7CH
Weight: 392g

1 x Quadcopter
1 x Remote Controller (Mode 2)
1 x 7" Display
2 x 2500MAH Battery (for the quad)
2 x 2500MAH Battery (for the transmitter)
1 x Charger (with US style Plug)
1 x Antenna
4 x 6040 Propellers (CW)
4 x 6040 Propellers (CCW)
1 x User Manual
1 x Tool kit
1 x Sticker (Color is Random)
1 x Monitor Holder
1 x Bracket for other sports camera
1 x Strap

  • Capacity (mAh) 2500.00
  • Longing FPV Drone
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Chad | Verified Buyer

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Oct 28, 2016

I've been researching this Quad everywhere, online and every YouTube review.
It has loads of great reviews and I'm definitely going to buy one as it's got the best Bang4Buck by far.
Hope to hear what caused your one to dead fall twce.

HobbyKing: I saw one today for $53 + $20 postage after not seeing any for under $33 anywhere in the world. Have you any idea about faulty ones being sold by some Chinese sellers?

mfoxpl1 | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

May 20, 2016

Just a quick note about this quad. i have been flying mine about a week now. it was packed great, went together easy. and fly's great, I have only had 1 problem. it happen twice with the quad just a short distance away at about 50 feet. the quad went into an unexplained death roll to the ground. Wow!!! nothing broke. but still don't know what is causing this. So i am doing some investigating to see if i can find the problem. I'm not crazy about the way the antennas are mounted, So i will be looking at this first, it was like a brown out. the video is great. I got to watch the death roll to the ground. so i still had video power. That's a start.

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