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RotorStar Apache .56 Hyper Ringed Two Stroke Competition Heli Engine

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RotorStar Apache .56 Hyper Ringed Two Stroke Competition Heli Engine

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The RotorStar .56 Hyper helicopter engine is a precision made powerful unit that 3D heli pilots have been raving about. It has stacks of power and ample torque so you can nail those huge hardcore manoeuvre's with power in reserve at a price that is very affordable.

A huge venturi rams air into the carburetor and the dual needles make setting the mixtures a very simple affair, the carburetor is fitted with a twin arm suitable for a push pull system for safety. The carburetor is securely screwed onto the crankcase with 2 high tensile cap screws and spring washers with a heat dissapating gasket between which helps stop the engine leaning out when the engine heats up to running temperature.

The RotorStar .56 engine has been designed specifically for helicopters, increased displacement gives it the power of a .61 in a .50 size crankcase, its fitted with large high spec bearings for longevity, a ringed piston, and a head design that improves combustion efficiency for one serious engine. In short this engine is an absolute must for heli pilots who want a reliable, powerful engine at a price the will not break the bank.

• Power of a .61 in a .50 size crankcase
• Ringed piston
• Large hi-spec bearings
• Efficient combustion chamber
• Anodized black to help cooling
• Large heat sink head
• Dual needle carburetor for easy tuning
• Large venturi for more power
• Bolt on carburetor for security
• Heat dissapating carburetor gasket

Displacement: 9.35cc
RPM (Max Power): 18,500rpm
Practical RPM: 2,000~21,000rpm
Bore: 23.33mm
Stroke: 21.94mm
Sleeve: 5 ports
Bearings: 2
Crankshaft: 16mm (1/4unf thread)
Carburetor: 10mm rotary
Exhaust: Side position
Weight: 435g
Fuel: 10~30% nitro, methanol, oil mix

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fishfiend | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

May 16, 2016

Right Ive had this engine since August 2014. It was my first nitro engine in a trex 600n dfc. been running on 30pcnt and then 25pcnt nitro.I ran it with the rjx os powerboost copy for a year until I wrecked the pipe, now I run withh an outrage 56. Its really powerful and starts first time every time. It sounds like the rear bearing has gone on every flight My friend whose used to OS engines thought so anyways.. Seems to be pretty resilient as well as a noob with nitro i must have run it lean from time to time. Today I managed a 15min flight on one tank..i'm amazed. I have an os 55hz and a ys56sr to test it against..

Bunal Bai | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Mar 01, 2016

I Received the engine appearance is very good Carburetor design is very good i just Run in the engine using 12pcnt Nitro 18pcnt Castor Synthetic Blend High speed needle open counter clockwise 2 turns,Low speed needle factory adjustment.the engine runs very smooth and idles perfect Recommended to all Nitro and gasser pilot's.This engine have a lot of torque>>>Thank you Hobbyking Fast Shipping as expected......
This engine fit's on my Raptor,Sceadu,Aeolus..I'm using my own design pipe to meet my Demand..No problem using stock pipe's

Bert | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

May 06, 2015

Engine looks fairly good on the outside, and pretty good on the inside (only piston looked a bit less perfect).
Fitted Ignition to it. Found spark plug need 3 rings, otherwise it protrudes into the combuston chamber.
I run it on gasoline (like the GO Engine GH56) fuel/oil mix 10:1
Engine started right up, and seems to run good on this.
Still busy breaking in, will revert later after flight test, but looks promising so far.

Fred | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Apr 14, 2015

Purchased this engine and was very impressed with the workmanship.Mounted it on my .40 size plane and it is a blur .Tested it on my dyno for the best prop and got the most thrust with an 11/6 .Starts very easy and idles down perfectly . What more could you ask for . Will but another one .

mac2286 | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Nov 13, 2014

When I got the engine I compaired it to the Go Engine I have. It is the same engine without the CDI. All the flying has been in my TT Titan 50SE. First ran it on glow fuel to get an idea how it would compair to the OS 55. It runs as well as the OS, at a fraction of the cost.
Next I installed a CDI and ran it on Methenal and oil. Running it with the CDI increased the run time about 15 percent compaired to glow fuel, and the power loss was very small. For the type of flying I do Sport flying, it does everything I need and well.
Next I ran it on gas and oil still using the CDI. It runs very good on gas. Again with enough power to do my style of flying.
I Love this engine and hope HobbyKing keeps it around for a long time. It is a very good engine that is affordable. I think for the money you can not do better.

HAPET | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Jun 19, 2014

Recieved today,1st impression -outer appearence not like thunder tiger or os 55,from muffeler exit i saw scratches on piston upper edge,it is indeed ringed.after putting glow plug piston pressure is good.engine when turned by hand is smooth.will test after 2 weeks to see performance.

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