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Rubber Band Powered Freeflight Wright Flyer 490mm Span

Rubber Band Powered Freeflight W...

On December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the Wright Brothers achieved the first recorded powered flight, the Wright Flyer flew for 12 seconds and covered 120 feet, this lovely scale model, once trimmed correctly should not only be capab...

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On December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the Wright Brothers achieved the first recorded powered flight, the Wright Flyer flew for 12 seconds and covered 120 feet, this lovely scale model, once trimmed correctly should not only be capable of replicating that historic flight, it should be able to exceed the flight time and distance!

This superb easy build kit is a huge amount of fun, there is a suprising amount of thrust from the twin, gearbox driven props, the model comes with a detachable winder handle and clever one way ratchet system that stops the band unwinding until you are ready to fly, a simple push button unleashes all that power!

The quality of manufacture and clever design of this amazing freeflight plane is excellent as is the flight performance, not only does the Wright Flyer provide hours of fun for all ages, it is a model anyone would be proud to own, a fun to build, fun to fly, potentially educational scale model that looks great in the air and on display, a must for any aviation enthusiast!

Wingspan: 490mm
Length: 500mm
Power: Rubber Band to Gearbox driving Twin Propeller
Construction: Foam, Plastic, Wood, Metal

Please Note: NO additional Materials are Required for this Model, everything you need is in the box.


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The assembly went completely OK but when I tried to run the propellers, the right side worked correctly but the left propeller just barely moved. I wound the rubber bands a couple of more times like the instruction recommended but the problem is still there. It seems like the gear in the center of the gearbox for the left propeller is not engaging or the shaft from the left propeller is slipping. I did not try fly the airplane because of this problem.

I made out an RMA and I asked them to send me replacement gearbox and propeller assembly. If that was not available, I asked them to send a replacement of the entire plane, that actually works. Since the airplane is already assembled it would not make sense to try to dis-assemble it and send it back. As of now, HK has not responded to the RMA.

I sure they will just make excuses and ask for more information. I already told them that I do not have any way to take a video of the problem but I sent them still pictures showing the entire aircraft and that its in completely new condition.

When is HK going to actually have some type of real Customer Service ? ? ? Currently, anytime I have tried to contact them, they just make it almost impossible to resolve problems.
Just recieved mine from West Coast Whs. Will try for a conversion, biggest question at the moment is brushed or brushless. Will the extra weight of the ESC's cancel out the power advantage. May have to try both ways to settle the question. At last some easy to assemble models small enough to store in retirement lodging.
Just put mine together NP and tried to fly it. I say tried. After extensive checking of the model I realised the props are in back to front and are pushing not pulling. The model looks great just the props are wrong
Excelente produto!!!!!!!!!!!
Kit completo nenhuma pea faltando ou danificada!!!!Vale a pena ter afinal em 2003 foi a comemorao de 100 anos do projeto pelos irmos wright!!!
Primeiro voo da humanidade!!!
Fun to build and fun to fly. Great gift for all young and old.
Wow what a great kit easy to put together.. comprehensive glossy instructions . It even fly's good straight from the box. I am thinking it flew just as good when parcel force were chucking it about before its delivery although out of hobbkings hands .
Now to make this rc with some micro servos . For very little money this will bring your kids or nephews hours of fun ;*)
Great for kids. Goes together easily, but looks really great.
Superb! Nice model, easy to assemble
To start this thing is pretty cool, very nice looking and after attaching a dime to a rudder it flies straight.

Then the bad, not sure how but both that I ordered seemed to have all plastic bits curved the same direction so when built they are slightly twisted. Doesn't effect anything but looks so not real worried but for someone wanting this as nice scale replica you may be disappointed

Still like them, still very cool little planes
Hi super little plane very easy to build looks really good when the wind drops will give it it's maiden flight fingers crossed it lands in one piece a must buy for anyone thanks HK
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