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Sbach 342 (Black) EPO 1400mm (PNF)

Sbach 342 (Black) EPO 1400mm (PNF)

The Sbach 342 has taken the aerobatic world by storm since it's introduction, it's combination of stunning good looks and extreme aerobatic capability has made it a firm favourite with RC pilots the world over, now finally a Plug and Play version ...

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The Sbach 342 has taken the aerobatic world by storm since it's introduction, it's combination of stunning good looks and extreme aerobatic capability has made it a firm favourite with RC pilots the world over, now finally a Plug and Play version is available for those who want to get into the air quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

As you would expect, the Sbach is made from tough EPO foam, it is a really quick and simple build that requires no glue, the tail plane simply bolts on and the 2pc wings are a plug in set up, also ideal for transportation. The servo's are pre-installed, the elevator/rudder servo's being standard size with plenty of torque for aggressive 3D maneuvers. Also pre-installed is the powerful brushless motor and ESC, for maximum performance and efficiency, a 2 blade prop is supplied.

This fantastic looking Sbach 342 offers both the 3D pilot and sport pilot a very capable model with tons of performance and a whole load of presence, the large control surfaces are perfect for just about any maneuver you care to throw at it. This superb Sbach 342 will keep you grinning from ear to ear, just make sure you have plenty of Lipoly's to hand, prop hanging the Sbach is addictive!

Tough EPO Foam construction
Proper hinged control surfaces
Plug in wings for ease of transport
2 Blade prop for maximum thrust on 4s Lipoly 
Standard size elevator & rudder servo's
Pre-applied waterslide decals
Simple and fast assembly, full instruction book supplied
Seperate canopy for those wanting to install pilot figure
All control surface throws and expo rates given

Wingspan: 1400mm
Length: 1400mm
Flying Weight: 2300g
Motor: 4250 Brushless Outrunner 800kv
ESC: 70A w/BEC
Servo: 2 x std size & 2 x 9g

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX
3300mAh 4s Lipoly Battery



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I brough tthis plane, it lasted two flights..... first flight the CG was massively off and it was tail heavy, even though it was set as per the instructions. No problem. landed and sorted all out. Second flight all went well for 10 mins, upon making my final turn before landing approach the motor deicded it wanted to depart itself from the plane, taking the canopy with it. Neither were ever to be seen again.... Now i read a previous comment on someone saying the motor wasnt secure so i checked this over and made sure it was tight and movement free before flying.... very poor quality, hobbykings customer service is useless. and you cant get any spare parts for this plane so i would seriously advise against buying it.... unless your handy at making your own parts for it! On the plus side it did fly spot on and i was really impressed with it once the CG was sorted out.... such a shame.

Will i be buying a replacement when its back in stock.... most likely lol.
Leider ist nach 2 Flügen der Regler ausgefallen,Crash,mit 4 S etwas lahm geht aber noch,eigentlich ein schönes Modell,würd ich aber nicht nochmal kaufen
Great plane, goes together easily and a great flyer. I have the MX2 as well as the sbach. The MX is a little sharper but the sbach is so much fun.
Great looking plane, easy build, manual not really needed only prob was the tail wheel links to long as they are on these type of models. fly's like on rails and easy to land,
A good buy
Hi guys,
Yesterday my Sbach-342 of Hobbyking had its maiden flight. It flew pretty good.
I used the recommended configuration : 3300Mah-4S and the prop. Delivered out of the box.
Some remarks regarding the flight:
- The center gravity really needs attention out of the box. It really needs extra weight the standard configuration. With this adjustment the plane is general behaves pretty good.
- The plane can really use some extra power. The standard config. Does not deliver enough power to perform serious F3A figures.
Some construction remarks:
- Several bolts (and other) parts do not fit. For example the M3x6mm bolt to fix the horizontal stabilizer is too short. It needs to be M3x7mm at least. Also the construction of the push rods really need attention/adjustments.
- Tail wheel : the construction is very light/delicate. I expect that this will not last long.
- Main landing gear : the wheels do not turn very smoothly. Construction again very light here.
In general this plane is pretty good for this price. It can be great if the power configuration (engine/ESC/battery/prop) will be improved.
Maybe somebody already has sorted this out and I really would appreciate feedback on this.
Also If you have questions for me, please let me know.
Hi! Received mine today. Very fast delivery (Canada East-end) 11 days......wowwwww HK.
Well packaged, no broken parts ans no missing parts either. Instruction manual so, not very explicit. Tail wheel assembly a bit confusing , bolts ans screws a bit confusing again, had to change at a few Times. So be aware when putting screws and bolts. Good looking plane and seems to have a lot of power with a 4 cells. Talking about the bolts they should be a bit longer. Hope to Fly It next week-end. For the is OK.
Ok, now my Sbach is ready for maiden, and putting it together was a piece of cake for me. Well, i scratch-built so many planes that i can say that i`m a very experienced modeler. The tail plane section needed some sanding, same at the wings. After sanding the parts and test fitting them many times, all is very nice and there are only some optical issues with the paint job and decals. The screws for the motor were nearly all loctited except one, did it myself. Balanced the prop, it was slightly unbalanced and needed only a few minutes to get it spinning without vibrations. The spinner needed some sanding at the cuts for the prop, nothing special. Now it runs fine. The tail wheel assembly was ok, the linkage rods from the rudder to the wheel steering arm needed to be bent, now they fit perfect and all is moving smooth. And i had to drill a forgotten hole for the main landing gear, on the right side the manufacturer forgot it. No problem, took my mini-drill and did it myself, the drive-in nut was there so i was able to screw the complete main landing gear in place. Loctited the wheel axles, had to unscrew the wheel pants to do this, no problem. Secured the cabin with magnets. After all, i checked everything again, all was ok, progged my transmitter and used just half of the ways in the manual, no expo. Could only do a very short maiden flight, it began to rain so i had to land after just 1 minute. For now i can only tell that the Sbach 342 needed only a little trim on elevator
With some modifications this is a great airplane
I have had this model for about 3 months now. It is a great flyer, but certainly not a model for a novice. I completed my MAAA Bronze Wings test easy with it. Prop hangs, loops, rolls, knife edges all good.
Points to note: My stock ESC died after 3 flights and had to be replaced. DO NOT TRUST IT!. Get yourself a 80Amp or greater ESC when you buy this model. Also, upgrade the aileron servos to 14g. And lastly, consider metal gear servos for the rudder and Elevator. Mine are functioning fine for now but it would be a good upgrade.
I fly with a 15x7 APC prop now and with a 4S 3300 30C battery with heavy workout can get about 7mins 30 secs out of a battery with headroom. If you fly lazy circuits you will get 10 mins out of it.
I had a radio failure (Potentiometer failure) and destroyed it already, but a 4 hour rebuild and it flying again good as new. Dial in heaps of expo on your first flight (40 - 60pcnt) and follow the manual for control surface travel and you will be fine. Great model, just wish there were spares for the airframe!
The esc does not arm the motor when you use the nano tec batteries , other lp po batteries work but not the nano tec. When you use a nano tec lipo the power from the battery does go into the receiver and the servos work but the motor does not arm. When I switch to any regular lipo eveything works including the motor. I think the esc is having a problem reading the battery type or voltage from the nano tec lipos and therfore is not arming the motor. Every nano tec battery I try I get the same results and everytime I use a standard lipo the motor arms and everything works.
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