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SD DVR High Resolution Digital Video Recorder for FPV

SD DVR High Resolution Digital V...

The perfect accessory for your FPV system! This SD DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows you to easily record everything you see and hear from your FPV model's camera directly to an SD card. This eliminates the need for bringing your laptop to the f...

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The perfect accessory for your FPV system! This SD DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows you to easily record everything you see and hear from your FPV model's camera directly to an SD card. This eliminates the need for bringing your laptop to the field for video recording.

This device features and A/V input and output allowing you to connect it in-line with your FPV system. The input source will be recorded directly to the SD card, while the A/V output will carry the signal on to your TV, monitor or FPV goggles.

The SD DVR even includes an IR remote control for easy setting adjustment such as resolution, video quality, volume, timer functions and more. The menu system will be displayed via the A/V output to your TV, monitor or FPV goggles.

• Easy to use
• Compact design
• Utilizes popular SD card format
• A/V input and output
• IR remote control included
• Wide voltage input range (5~30V DC)

Card Format: SD
A/V Input: 3.5mm plug
A/V Output: 3.5mm plug
Frame Rate: selectable 5/15/30fps
Resolution: selectable 320x288/640x576/704x576
Voltage Input Range: 5~30V DC

SD DVR recorder
IR remote
All necessary connection cables
Hook and loop mounting tape

*Note: User manual available for download under the "Files" tab


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i bought this dvr as my goggles don't record , i used the hook and loop tape to place the dvr on the back of my transmitter it's light and i don't notice it at all. i power it of my goggles battery with a couple of jst connectors . the dvr powers up and starts to record once the battery is connected which saves you flying and forgetting to press record for that crash that wasn't meant to happen lol
Remote worked after having to resolder battery terminal to pcb first.One month later Now the recorder doesn't pickup the IR signal. It is useless to me now, as you cannot control the recorder.Otherwise it recorded.:(
Très déçu de cet enregistreur. Dans ma configuration l'enregistreur est branché sur une sortie vidéo de mon récepteur. La caméra est une gopro HD3 couplé avec un OSD. L'image sur le moniteur est stable et niquel. L'enregistrement est de résolution médiocre saccadé et l'image n'arrête pas de sauter. L'affichage OSD disparait quasi tout le temps. Je déconseille fortement, si ce n'est que pour avoir une vidéo de secours en cas de crash, mais pas plus.
it works and does what it says but its not great and can sometimes produce a black outline around the image but for the price it works well enough
Slightly disappointed with this as it's needed a few modifications to work. Mainly the x2 female RCA plugs. Had to create my own which was a little annoying as with any application, you should need 1 male for input and 1 female for output. I don't understand why the kit doesn't have it supplied... Also seems to randomly record or not record so it's guess work if you actually go saved footage. for these reasons, it loses a start for each.
I have this recorder from a few months. I can't trust this one for recording the GPS coordinates. Half of my flights where not recorded at all!

Good points:
1. good looking aluminium case
2. remote control
3. easy setup

Bad points:
1. it's buggy, sometimes the recording just stop. And if you loose you're AUV there's no guarantee that the GPS coordinates are recorded!
2. it can output only ASF video file format, I can't open this in Davinci or Premiere, so if you plan to edit videos and overlay your fpv feed then prepare with big patience in discovering a workflow of doing this.
3. it only record in 30 fps, so if you're filming something on a different frame rate (24 or 25) you'll have to reformat (retime) the footage to sync with your other footage.

Overall a lot of pain till overlay the recordings over my gopro footage at 4K and 24 fps.

I don't recommend buying it!
The only way to avoid being disappointed with this product is to lower your expectations...
The build quality of the recorder is low, with chips and scuff marks on all edges/corners. The remote is shocking - plasticky and flimsy. Mine stopped working after 2 minutes, during the initial setup. I removed the battery to check it and along with it fell out a part of the battery connector. Managed to open the thing and resolder it, but I don't think that's supposed to happen?
Only issue i have with this unit is how close together and identically sized the AV-in, AV-out and power sockets are - it's WAY too easy to finish a flight ready to preview your footage, grab the wrong cable and shove 12v into the AV-out socket... This unfortunately lets out the magic smoke.

That said, I've ordered a second unit, because it works like a charm in terms of quality per GBP.
Good size, good to fit on a GS Box.

The Video Q is not the best but you can use it to keep the record of your on board cameras
i like it, but heres some points......
1. it makes screen narrower thru my fatshark original base version!
2. there are things on the screen (time/REC flashing/date) stamp removal option still leaves REC and flight time on goggles but removes them on the file.
3. had to buy a rca male male adapter, and a balance plug to power it as it was bare wires, (red to red, black to white) works.
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