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Note, this listing is for the black playboy version of the F-14.

A model builders and jet pilots dream!
This F-14 includes a fully operational folding wing, just like the real jet, plus we have included twin 60mm ducted fans each with 2 style of blades, a 3 blade for 5,000kv motors and a 5 blade for 4500kv motors. Both sets of blades (4 in total) are included with the kit so you can choose your motor type and power level. This model also has striking high quality details and water decals, making it as impressive to see on the ground as it is to fly!
This jet has been supplied in kit form because it's a modellers product and a fun build, you will need two 26 size inrunner motors, Lipoly battery, esc's and servos to make it fly. It will take you 1 or 2 evenings to complete this model.
The Ducted Fan units included with this model are of a high quality and dynamically balanced.

You simply cannot find a better EDF Jet for anything close to this price.

Wing Span : 1100mm
Length : 1060mm
Flying Weight: 1100~1300g
Servo: 3x9g, 12kg Torque x 1pc (Not included)
Motor: 2 x 26-XX Brushless outrunner 4800~5000kv (Not included)
ESC: 2 x 30~40A (Not included)
Duct fan: 2 x 60mm
Shaft size: 3~3.17mm

Your own TX & RX
3x9g, 12kg Torque x 1pc
2 x 26-XX Brushless Motor 4800~5000kv 
2 x 30~40A

Remember, CG changes when the wings fold back, ensure you program in a little up-elevator with the wing folding channel.

This plane is quite large. The box size is almost at the size limit for international postage. If you order this model, please do not try to order other large items that we cannot place inside this planes existing box. Smaller items, such as an ESC, screw wire or battery can be purchased with this plane and we will modify the box slightly to accomodate small additional items.

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