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Shark X6 Multi-Rotor Flight Control and Autopilot System w/GPS

Shark X6 Multi-Rotor Flight Control and Autopilot System w/GPS


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The Shark X6 multi-rotor control and autopilot system has been designed from the outset to cater for the ever-increasing demands of the multi-rotor enthusiast.
The feature-packed Shark X6 is a highly integrated and compact design that provides superb flight performance.

Equipped with a 3-axis gyro,3-axis accelerometer, barometer and complete with a GPS module using advance attitude stabilization algorithms, the system provides complete failsafe protection for your multi-rotor including return to home, low voltage protection and auto landing.

To make life easier for newcomers and when flying at a distance the Shark X6 features Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) which, like the better known "headless" mode, allows you to accurately control your multi-rotor even when you're not able to see which way it's facing. This is done by linking the orientation of the model to the handset when IOC mode is activated, so that (for example) left is always left relative to the handset, whatever way the model is facing.

In reality, this means that if you want the model to go to your left as you look at it, you simply move the stick to your left. The same applies to right/forward/backwards etc.

The Shark X6 has the ability to create user-defined, geo-fenced flight zones so that you can restrict flight to a chosen area, or exclude a particular area from the permitted flight plan. This is becoming an increasingly important flight safety function, particularly when operating multi-rotors near to built-up areas.

Integrated failsafe functions offer peace of mind in the unlikely event of signal loss enabling you to choose between return to home, auto-landing or position hold when the failsafe is activated. Failsafe is selected via the assistant software. Default value is defined as Return to Home.

All things considered, the Shark X6 provides a great all-in flight controller for those wishing to take their multi-rotor experience to the next level and beyond.

• Supports X, Cross, Tri, Hex, Tri-Hex, Octo and Octo-X configurations
• Autopilot
• One key Return to Home (RTH)
• Failsafe (RTH)
• Auto landing
• Intelligent orientation control (aka headless mode)
• Geo-fencing
• Data record function
• 6 Channel PWM support (Futaba/JR/FrSky/WFly)
• Safe-start
• Online firmware updates

Supported configurations: X, Cross, Tri, Hex, Tri-Hex, Octo and Octo-X
Input voltage: 5V DC (from power module)
Power module input: 7 ~ 26V (2 ~ 6S LiPoly)
Recommended Transmitter: PCM or 2.4GHz 6 Ch
Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
Cable length: 130mm
Dimensions: 58 x 36 x 19mm (main unit) GPS/Compass: 46(dia) x 9mm
Weight: 38g (main unit) GPS/Compass: 21.3g

Shark X6 flight controller
GPS/compass unit
LED/Power module
Accessory set

Link to online manual:


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Very easy to install and setup, great quality with all extras you need included.
Extremely stable flight on my TBS Discovery, all modes work very well as described.
Be sure to update to the latest firmware.
Very good unit that works exactly as described.
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verified_user Quality
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i was about to call it quits wit this board.. the instructions and videos are good more info is needed. after a little more than two weeks, today May 24, 2016 i got it to fly. Balance mode is stable and gps works amazing. took a few tries to dial the right amount of gain. bring your laptop with you when you fly. i couldn't believe how stable my drone flies. i will buy 2 more. if you are struggling trying to configure this board, don't give up. i will be happy to what i know about this board. i'm willing to help anyone if possible. my setup is S500 FR4 Glass Fiber Quad Copter 480mm PNF Comnfbo. i changed the escs to the afro 30 amp. the board has power so opto escs work well.
verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
verified_user Quality
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playlist_add_check Overall
verified_user Quality
trending_up Value
playlist_add_check Overall
Bought this fc for the multimodes it has incorporated. Download the programming firware and set the controller up. Instructions for the most part are understandable. Once the system was programmed and calibrated it worked fine. I have used attitude,altitude and gps mode with excellent results.
verified_user Quality
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