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Raspberry Pi Pro Kit with IR Remote Control

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Raspberry Pi Pro Kit with IR Remote Control

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This Pro kit takes your electronic projects to the next level and introduces Raspberry Pi.

The kit contains more advanced components to build a range of projects, including LPG sensors, stepper motor, flame detectors and infra-red remote control.

Weight: 710g

1k resistor x 5
10k resistor x 5
220r resistor x 8
Red LED x 5
White LED x 5
Blue LED x 5
LM35 temperature sensor
Flame sensor
Light sensor x 3
NFC read-write card module
L9110 fan module
TTP229 16-way touch switch
SR04 ultrasonic module
Raspberry Pi LED matrix module
Raspberry Pi plate V3 GPIO extension
50 k adjustable potentiometer
DHT11 temperature and humidity on the red board
ADXL345 digital triaxial
10mm highlight full-color LED
0.96inch OLED display module
30 Line breadboard 
GPIO 40p ribbon connector
Male/female DuPont connector 20 line
830-hole breadboard
KEYES IR remote control unit
Yellow hat key
5V Stepper motor
ULN2003 stepper motor driver module
5V Single channel relay module
Water level sensor
9g servo
HC-06 Bluetooth module
PCF8591 module
Digital tube
Four-way digital tube
Rotary encoder
DS3231 precision clock
PS2 game rocker arm module
LPG & Methane sensors
Plastic case

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