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Spacewalker 1580mm Laser Cut Balsa for Electric/IC Power (Kit)

Spacewalker 1580mm Laser Cut Balsa for Electric/IC Power (Kit)


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Designed by Jesse Anglin of Hendersonville, North Carolina, the single-seat Spacewalker captures the classic lines of what many consider to be aviation's 'Golden Age' - the 1930's. With its modern construction and powered by a 65 hp Continental flat-four engine the aircraft first flew in 1986.
The Spacewalker, with its fabric covered wooden wings, welded steel tube fuselage and wire braced tail unit the Spacewalker continues to appeal to home-builders everywhere.

Our Spacewalker is 1580mm span, making it approximately 1:5 scale and is a laser cut balsa kit for modellers that enjoy crafting their models the traditional way, savouring the time taken to build a model from a kit, but with the bonus of having had all of the balsa and plywood parts intricately laser cut for you.


A few modern touches have been incorporated into this kit to make life easier and make a stronger model, such as a fiberglass cowl and wheel pants to give maximum strength and durability as well as allowing you to get the model into the air quickly.
A comprehensive hardware pack is included, as is a welded wire undercarriage, scale sized wheels, sprung tail wheel and aluminum control horns.


The interlocking nature of the kit parts dispense with the need for a plan and require only a flat building board to produce a straight and true airframe.
Basic, 4 channel radio is all that is required to fly the Spacewalker which, like its full-sized counterpart is a pure pleasure to fly.


Power requirements for the model are quite modest, a 3548 900kv outrunner turning a 10" propeller will be more than adequate on a 3 ~ 4 cell LiPoly pack. Alternatively, the model can be built for IC power using a 0.40 ~ 0.50 (6.5 ~ 8cc) class nitro engine glow or gas engine mounted within the cowling.


Why not give building-your-own a try with this hassle-free quick building kit that captures the spirit of 'Golden Era' aviation with the simplicity of modern design?


• Accurate scale design
• Laser-cut parts
• Welded steel undercarriage
• Fiberglass cowl & wheel pants
• Scale dummy engine moldings
• Full accessory pack
• Comprehensive manual


Wingspan: 1580mm
Length: 1050mm
Wing area: 43dm2 (645sq in)
Flying weight: approx. 2kg
Wing loading: 46g/dm2 (14~17 Oz/ft2)


Suggested equipment:
Motor: 3548 900kv
ESC: 50A~80A
Servo: 4 ~ 5 x standard servos
Prop: 10inch
Battery: 3 ~ 4S 2200mAh-4000mAh
Radio: 4Ch



Required to complete:
Covering material
Pilot figure
10" prop


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A small report after my maiden flight of this spacewalker.
This plane flies well, relatively slow and can easily be controlled.
It was a little bit tail-heavy, 2 lipo batteries under the cockpit instead of one will solve this problem I think. With the (+/- 600watt) motor it requires only a very short runway, within a few meters it was airborne.
You have to land it with some throttle and enough speed otherwise it will stall. I did some very easy flights without loopings or stunts, but motor and battery gave more than enough power, I used full throttle only at take off. About 8 minutes flight-time with the 3000mAh lipo, motor and esc got hand-warm or cooler. My first landing was not bad the second one was a bit rough, but no damage at all, the plane is strong enough… !
I didn’t glue the left and right wing together as the manual says, instead I made a carbon spar to join them together. Much easier to handle… If you glue them together you will get one 1600mm wing which I found very unpractical for covering, sanding, transport etc..
Some parts in this kit were not mentioned in the manual but you DO need them, other parts also not mentioned anywhere were left over, I could not find out where to glue them…
So after all the final result was a good plane…
But the building was difficult, sometimes like solving the Rubiks cube for the first time, but I did solve that one after a while… :-)
- SK3 3548-840kv motor with 60a ESC and 12x6 prop, 4s 3000mAh lipo, flying weight 2550 gram.
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I am almost ready building this laser cut model. It was not very easy, also not difficult enough to quit ..
The wood quality is very good, except one sheet of 3mm plywood but only at the corners, the pieces to be cut out were fine.
Another plus: the design is good, once you know how to fit the pieces together they fit almost perfect, very little sanding, but (and this a great minus / negative ) it can take a while to figure out how to build this plane, the ‘manual’ is only a short summary with many failures in it. You have to find out the logical order of building this plane yourself. Think twice before glueing.
My motto was: trust the design, not the manual…
But the wood and the scale parts are very nice and of good quality, so i think the result will be a good and strong model, for a good price. After the first flight I can tell more about how this plane flies…
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