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Standard Servo Driven 2 Axis Camera Gimbal With Shutter Function

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Standard Servo Driven 2 Axis Camera Gimbal With Shutter Function

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This lightweight general purpose servo driven camera gimbal is perfect for FPV or capturing stills and video footage. The servo stabilization can be controlled by a head tracker or flight controller directly so no fancy gimbal controller is required. This gimbal is sized for larger sized quads and is perfect for cameras with a maximum size of 111 x 30mm.

The frame is manufactured from high quality carbon fiber and arrives pre-assembled and complete with servos. The gimbal also features a servo controlled adjustable shutter function which allows you to take stills and video at a flick of a switch. 

• Lightweight carbon fiber construction
• Pre-assembled complete with servos
• Shutter function for stills and videos

Lower Camera Plate Size: 111 x 30mm
weight: 163g
Height: 180mm
Length: 180mm
Width: 80mm 

Note: The shutter function end points must be set up on your TX to prevent stressing the servo. 

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