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Star Power 5v Power Step Down and Westerlund 32 Flight control Unit.

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Star Power 5v Power Step Down and Westerlund 32 Flight control Unit.

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This step-down voltage regulator is perfect for supplying 5v power from a higher voltage source (such as a 3s or 4s Lipoly) to your onboard electronic equipment that specifically needs power in the 5v range, such as flight cameras, receivers, and LED lights etc.

Included in the package is the Star Power Westerlund 32 Flight controller unit with OSD gyroscope.  This unit is purpose built for multicopters and is compatible with Naze32 firmware, including cleanflight and baseflight.

Flight Control Features:
• Adopts 32bit ARM micro processor, 3.3V/72Mhz
• With gyroscope, OSD (KV TEAM) and barometer
• Supports manual mode, horizontal mode, head mode and headless mode
• Supports  tricopter, quadcopter and hexacopter setting
• Supports Standard, CPPM  (PPM SUM), input
• Upgrades and debug via Micro-USB
• Supports debug viaBaseflight-Configuration and Cleanflight-Configuration
• With protective case

Specs BEC and Voltage Regulator:
Weight: 22g

Specs Westyerlund Flight Control Unit:
Dimension: 35x35x4.8mm
Weight: 6g (without cable and case)

1 x BEC and Voltage stepdown regulator
1 x Westerlund FC unit

Note: The firmware of the flight controller is based on Multiwii system and cannot be programmed via Arduino or other AVR development tools

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